Frivolous Friday! Wolf Pup Adventure #9 (Part One: The California Redwoods)

Frivolous:  carefree and not serious, lighthearted, giddy.

Guess what I’ve been up to….???

A THREE WEEK LONG trip in our little Wolf Pup RV! 

How fun is that?  And what do you know, I brought along my camera!

Just to give you the grand picture, here’s our route:

Today I’ll share the first week of our trip with you – up the California Coast!

We camped right inside the redwood forest for part of the adventure….

And this is what it looked like from our patio recliners looking straight UP — how amazing is that?

These sentinels of our campground were hundreds of years old!

Isn’t nature amazing?

Speaking of nature being amazing, everywhere we went there were wild blackberries growing….

Side note:  Before my first bite of wild blackberry, I googled “are there poisonous look-alikes to blackberries?”  lol (better be safe than sorry!)

Google assured me it was safe, so I started picking and eating the super sweet gems the whole rest of the trip!

I especially love them on my morning oatmeal!

We took a break from the Redwoods to enjoy the Santa Cruz Boardwalk!

This was our little poodle’s first amusement park…. ha ha!

And you just can’t be on the coast without eating fish and chips can you?

So alongside all the carnival fun, we shared a big platter of yumminess!

Of course San Francisco was in our travel plans….we have been to that amazing city a ton of times so we didn’t feel like we needed to be SUPER TOURISTS,

but we enjoyed taking our little RV over the Golden Gate Bridge  (I assure you the bridge was there even though it’s too foggy to see….)

And I’d read in my guide book that Fort Point was a fun place to visit and since we’d never been we made time to check it out.

It’s UNDER the Golden Gate Bridge!

The views were amazing….and a little rusty…lol

Fort Point defended San Francisco Bay beginning in the Gold Rush through World War II.

Its brick masonry matches the Golden Gate Bridge.

You can walk up to the roof of the fort and stand directly under the bridge!

And let me tell you it was windy, windy, WINDY – but so thrilling!

The fort was designed to mount 126 massive cannon…and how interesting is this:

During World War II, Fort Point had 100 soldiers who manned searchlights and rapid-fire cannon

as part of the protection of a submarine net strung across the entrance to the Bay. (Who knew that was a thing???)

And there’s one place in San Francisco we ALWAYS make time for – a stroll through Fisherman’s Wharf.

And I think it’s an absolute requirement to watch the sealions basking in the sun at Pier 39…

(If you listen hard, I bet you can hear the barking sea lions, can’t you????)  😛

We were lucky because the sea lions had just returned to town after their southern migration…score!

(And they were clearly exhausted….ha!)

Another requirement at Fisherman’s Wharf is a seafood lunch – eaten in rustic style on the pier.  YUM!

Our campsite north of San Francisco was unique in that it had a petting zoo!  The miniature donkey was my fav!

And our huge campsite had it’s own grassy lawn, cute furniture, a fancy patio and a swing built for two!  SCORE!

And it had a fire pit….which of course means S’mores!  YUM.

Fun fact:  hubby doesn’t really like marshmallows and pretty much won’t eat a s’more…(that’s unAmerican if you ask me…but it leaves more for me!)  😉

In case you didn’t know, the hubs, poodle and I are big hikers so you know we hit the trails as much we could!

And with views like this we were pinching ourselves the whole time because we couldn’t believe how amazing it all was– you just don’t get scenery like this in San Diego!

And yes, we were careful….

We found a fallen log that had been fashioned into a see-saw –and had so much fun pretending we were kids!

(Fun fact, tree trunks are hard on the ole bum….there’s something you didn’t need to know….lol!)

This is the Founder’s Tree in Humbolt Redwoods State Park – it was once the tallest tree in the world and is now believed to be 5th…but we gave it some love anyway – it’s amazing no matter it’s ranking!

This is the shallow root system from one of those gigantic redwood trees.

It fell years ago when subjected to gale-force winds, heavy rain and a major flood.

When it fell, the crash was heard miles away and people thought it was a train crash (and it triggered three more giants to fall too!)

We definitely took time to soak in our surroundings!

I’m calling this work of art “view from the sunroof while driving!”  lol! We just couldn’t get enough of the views!

We were so glad that some trails allowed poodles….because he’s a good hiker too!

And is always up for an adventure!

With a final goodbye to the ancient redwoods, we broke camp and headed north…

We soon discovered Felton Covered Bridge (it’s pedestrian-only now, but the Wolf Pup would have fit!)

This covered bridge over the San Lorenzo River, built in 1892, it is considered to be the tallest covered bridge in the United States!


One of my travel mottos is to “treat myself” and a sub-motto of that is to “never pass up a homemade ice cream” — especially one that proclaims JOY!

(This was just one scoop of “Salted Caramel Crack” from a cute little shop in historic Petaluma and was DELISH!)

After a week on the coast of California, we packed up the Wolf Pup and headed north to Oregon and Washington….check back next Friday for part two of our adventure!

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