Frivolous Friday with Peeps Galore!


It’s Frivolous Friday filled with Peeps Galore!
Couldn’t resist bringing my peeps out for another season of fun
cuz I’m a Photographer for Peeps of all sizes, shapes and sugar content!
Challenged myself to create some fun photos of my little marshmallow friends

#CaptureJoy #PeepFun #SmileDeliveryByPam

“And so, by the power vested in me, I now peep you husband and wife.”

Me and my mini-Me!
Side note: both of us are a little squishy around the middle these days….

Photography is a love affair with life:
For me it’s Live Life. Take pictures. Relive Memories. Repeep Often.

I started my challenge with the cutest rainstorm ever….

And then continuing the water theme:
Splish, Splash I was taking a bath….

“HapPEEPness itself is an instant vacation”

Beware of things that go peep in the night…..

[…no peeps were harmed in the making of this…
I had to add the ‘red’ afterwards in photoshop because I couldn’t bear to do it in real life…
these peeps have been my besties this week. ]

“Please PEEPle, pay attention!”

Which way would you like to hop down the bunny trail?

What’s better than hopping down the Bunny trail???

OF COURSE peeps have a favorite game… 



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