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Guess who is moving?

Yep – this sweet family – but before they handed over the keys they asked me to capture some family memories forever!

Let me tell you a little secret:

You’re never going to be sorry that you had family photos taken.

Believe me, I’ve heard all the reasons not to do it.

I know how much I treasure the photos of me growing up, and my son when he was little

So take a deep breath, ask me to help and I’ll take care of scheduling,

recommending the best time of day, the perfect location for you, how to easily coordinate your family’s outfits

and get this:

I promise everyone will have fun while we are together (Yep – no cranky husbands or teenagers!)

Because time goes by so quickly….and even when our kids are older and it doesn’t feel like they’re changing that much, they ARE.

And here’s one more secret – getting a family photo you love isn’t as hard as you think.

I specialize in easy-going, fun family portrait sessions that capture the faces and the unique personalities of your people.

We schedule the photo session someplace meaningful to your family – whether that’s your home, or the park down the street where you go on bike rides together – or ask me to recommend some beautiful locations for you to select from.

I can coax a real smile out of your robot-cheese-smiling seven year old, and as a former teacher, I speak fluent child, tween and teenager.

I can even make your husband utter these magical words at the end of a photo session – “Well, that wasn’t so bad…”

If you’re ready to make this the YEAR OF THE FAMILY PHOTO,

I’d be honored to have the opportunity to capture your family.

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