Frivolous Friday! Spring is Springing! Wildflowers, a Scavenger Hunt and a Sssssnake!

It’s Frivolous Friday!

Thought I would share some of the fun I squeezed in this week (in between all my portrait sessions and retouching work.)

Yep, this happened #1:

Fun fact – I’ve been walking 5 miles in my neighborhood Every. Single. Day. since lockdown.

But lately my pal and I have been adding an extra hike each week – cuz the mountains have been missing us  😉

(Side note: I ask you, is there anything better than a long, skinny morning shadow?  Wish I looked like that in real life….)

This week’s adventure was at Blue Sky Reserve in Poway:  beautiful and fun!

We kept an eye out for wildflowers and enjoyed quite a few beautiful and colorful additions to our morning….

AND we spotted pretty good sized rattle snake!  EEK!

He was stretched out across the trail – but luckily we saw him well in advance so we just waited until he slithered away.

We were never in danger but Whew – does that ever get the heart pumping!

In case you want to know more about what to do if you are bitten by a rattlesnake, HERE’s a good article.

That wasn’t the only bit of danger we saw on our little hike – the hills are absolutely COVERED with poison oak – so be careful and stay on the trail.

Remember ‘Leaves of three….let them be!”  And here’s an extra hint from me, if you see a California Oak Tree there’s probably Poison Oak growing underneath it!

We also enjoyed the Blue Sky Scavenger Hunt (It was designed for kids but we got a kick out of it too!)

The Scavenger hunt features signs along the trail – describing creatures you might see in that area.

The whole scavenger hunt is just a mile long so it’s very do-able for wee ones.

And there’s a fun board to compare your own “wing span” with some of the birds of Blue Sky!  My wingspan is exactly the size of a Pam-Bird!

In case you are at all interested, here are my hiking essentials… I recommend you be this prepared too:

Two big bottles of ice water, my trusty sunhat, sunglasses and hiking boots, sunscreen, sanitizer, SNACKS,

an emergency blanket/mini First Aid Kit, pepper spray, snacks, pocket knife, and a sharpie.

Any guesses what the sharpie is for?

The sharpie is in case of Snake Bite!  [So I was ready!]

Did you know you should circle the location of your snake bite and write down the time next to it then draw a circle around the border of the swelling and write down the time…?

• Update this info every 15 or 30 minutes as the swelling moves up the limb and your symptoms develop – this will help emergency personal better access your situation.

Yep.  This happened #2

Stopped off at Everbowl for a treat on our way home from the hike.

If you’ve never been, Everbowl is healthy, delicious and real food – I’d best describe it as a cross between a yogurt parfait and a thick smoothie.

You can completely customize your bowl …my “Pam’s Healthy Pink Perfection” featured:   ACAI, Blueberries, Bananas, Pineapple, Coconut Milk, Granola, Kiwi, Pineapple, Coconut  and Agave.

What do you like as your post workout treat?

What can I say:  I’m Feeling Blessed!

And do you know what else I’m blessed by?     Capturing amazing moments for you to treasure for a lifetime!

As a photographer it is my great joy to capture Family and Senior PortraitsEngagementWeddings and MORE that are as special and unique as you are –

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