Frivolous Friday: Putting “Friluftsliv” in Action

It’s Frivolous Friday!

Thought I would share some of the fun I squeezed in this week (in between all my portrait sessions and retouching work.)

Yep, this happened #1:

A few months ago I heard about the Norwegian concept of friluftsliv, or open-air living, which encourages outdoor adventures for all ages in all weather.

It essentially means to “Live outside”

By embracing friluftsliv now, during the pandemic it promises to make our days more bearable.

(Side note – here’s a video  if you want to know how to pronounce Friluftsliv)

I first put this in action by enjoying my backyard swing – even on cold days.

(And even though the snow was created by me in photoshop – it really feels this cold to me!)

And if you look really closely in that first photo you will see my very custom teeny little cell phone tripod my hubby built for me.

Why do I need that you might wonder?  Because I’ve been Video Chatting with my parents every day since our March lockdown (and we are going to keep it up!)

And since I love my swing so much, I like to do my video chats while I swing and enjoy my backyard views…and YEP I wear my parka – my dad calls me ‘his little eskimo’  hee hee

Experts have long known that time outdoors makes you happy and research shows that spending just two hours a week in natural environments such as parks or green spaces boosts well-being.

And OF COURSE the concept of friluftsliv has a natural advantage during a pandemic.

“Weather is a wondrous phenomenon,” he says. “Pay attention to the elements and watch how you start appreciating where you are in space and time.”

And keeping up with my Friluftslive philosophy – For the first time ever, I planted a WINTER vegetable garden – usually I’m a summer farmer – but this year “I’m friluftsliv’ing.”

How beautiful are my winter snow peas?

It’s okay to start small. Channeling some friluftsliv could just mean a brisk winter walk…

….or bundling up for a winter picnic in the park or on the beach.

My picnic was just a PB & J sammie but I was friluftsliv’ing on the beach for lunch.

(Side note:  I didn’t share my sandwich with my seagull friend- I was too hungry and my sandwich was too small – ha!)

What other ideas do you have?  And what do you think about friluftsliv?

And since I started my post with snow, I’m going to end it with snow.

This is ME at about 2 years old helping to shovel snow.

Can I just take a sec to first of all wish I had a coat like that right now, and secondly, to thank my dad for taking so many photos of us kids growing up – we have so many photos to remind us of good times.

This might be one of the reasons I wanted to be a photographer – to capture amazing memories for others too.

What can I say:  I’m Feeling Blessed!

And do you know what else I’m blessed by?     Capturing amazing moments for you to treasure for a lifetime!

As a photographer it is my great joy to capture Family and Senior PortraitsEngagementWeddings and MORE that are as special and unique as you are –

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