Frivolous Friday: It’s “no fair!” There won’t be a San Diego County Fair so I’m making my own!

It’s Frivolous Friday!

Thought I would share some of the fun I squeezed in this week (in between all my portrait sessions and retouching work.)

Yep, this happened #1:

I was feeling a little sad that we don’t get to go to the San Diego County Fair this year….so I decided to cheer myself up by

recreating it at home!

First up on my Fair recreation was the bright, colorful lights at night….

Here’s a peek at the image I made last year from outside the fairgrounds with a tripod and a slow shutter.

(I kept my camera kept recording as the ferris wheel turned…so the individual rows of lights made a beautiful pattern)

Such a fun effect reflected in the water too, isn’t it????

Here’s a bit more nighttime fun from last year’s fair…then check out how I recreated it…

So then I started thinking about how I could recreate some nighttime excitement and remembered my Pixelstick.

A Pixelstick is a long pole that has 200 LED lights extending down the length of it – the lights display the image one vertical line at a time.

These vertical lines, when captured by a professional camera in a long exposure, combine to recreate your image in mid air, leaving pixelstick (and the person using it) invisible.

Here’s one with the lighted image behind me…

And after a quick night time drive to the beach I added some LED fire……

And there’s always time for a TRex on the beach!

How about a song?

And decided I needed a carnival game for my fake Fair….I didn’t have prizes but keep clicking to see what I came up with

Check out THIS VIDEO to see my own special CARNIVAL GAME

and you’ll see that laughter was my prize!

And how can I forget the FOOD – one of my favorite parts of the fair!

Here’s what we ate last year….yum

So this year we started our day ‘at the fair’ with homemade cinnamon raisin bread- instead of a Cinnamon Roll (and I’m sure saved a TON of calories)

Let me know if you want the recipe – I have a good one this was easy to make!

I made Corn dogs and onion rings for lunch…  (Not from scratch – bought them frozen and popped em in the oven because why not let someone else deal with the greasy cooking!)

And then I made my own version of Naked Shrimp for dinner…(this is what I always order from Chicken Charlies at the fair – it’s my tradition!)

And for dessert – instead of a Deep Fried Sugar Bomb, I made a healthier version…

For Pam’s Healthy (but not really) Fair dessert – you just need two ingredients (ice cream and oreo cookies) and some optional garnishes:

Here’s the recipe:

Scoop some vanilla ice cream into a nice round ball, roll in oreo crumbs and then DECORATE!  So good!!!!

And in case you are interested:

Highest-Calorie Fair Foods
Deep-fried Snickers: 445 calories
Deep-fried Twinkie: 420 calories

Funnel cake: 760 calories

Nachos with cheese (nine-inch plate): 860 calories
Chili fries (10 ounces): 700 calories
Cheese steak sandwich: 690 calories
Personal cheese pizza (seven-inch): 670 calories
Cheese fries (10 ounces): 645 calories
Onion rings (six): 620 calories
Seasoned curly fries (seven ounces): 620 calories
Footlong hot dog with bun and ketchup: 470 calories

And if you can stand it, I even made a shopping purchase ‘at my fair’ — I always buy a bottle of jewelry/phone/computer cleaner at the fair – this year I had to buy it online.

Hope you had fun joining me on my trip to the fair!   Here’s hoping that next year we get to go in person!

What can I say:  I’m Feeling Blessed!

And do you know what else I’m blessed by?     Capturing amazing moments for you to treasure for a lifetime!


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