Frivolous Friday: Piggie Pop’s, a Birthday and Gratitude

It’s Frivolous Friday!

Thought I would share some of the fun I squeezed in this week (in between all my portrait sessions and retouching work.)

Yep, this happened #1:

So today I’m celebrating my amazing sister on her birthday!!!   Woot!   She’s just as crazy as I am – how fun is that?

We like to get into trouble together (and if she lived just a little closer to me, we’d be in trouble ALL THE TIME I’m sure!)

We still manage to have lots of fun doing amazing things, like Segway Rides, zip lines and also doing almost nothing…just plain ole goofing around…

(Here’s some of our fun – take notice of that slightly EVIL glint in her eye in one of these….yep….she does that too….lol)

Well of course I wanted to give her a gift to celebrate her birthday!!

Gift giving is one of my love languages (if you don’t know what I’m talking about read THIS BOOK)

Anywhoo- I love, LOVE to give people gifts.

And I like to think about gifts weeks ahead of time and really try to choose something that I think my give-ee will enjoy.

And when I saw this Piggy Pop baking pan I knew I FOUND IT!

You might think I’m crazy – but I’m going to guess that my sister will LOVE it.

Three reasons:

She likes to do fun baking projects

She loves all animals and plans to retire to her own farm

She will smile and appreciate a fun/funny thing.

Well, when my Piggy Pop tray arrived and I saw how stinkin’ cute it was, I had the idea that it would be a fun Frivolous Friday topic.

(Side note, in case you didn’t know:   Frivolous Friday topics are a lot harder to find when I’m LOCKED AT HOME…sheesh….just sayin’)

So I called my sister and asked if I could please play with her birthday present BEFORE I gave it to her.

She said, “No” which in sister talk means “Yes, do anything you want.”

(if you have a sister you would have already known how to translate that….am I right?)

So I busted out the ingredients

(Did I mention I bought her all the ingredients too?  But I didn’t use her ingredients in my test batch – I’m tacky but not THAT tacky!)

I used all my stuff and just her pan…!

So I whipped up a batch of batter – using the best whisk I’ve ever had – it was a gift from my Matt because it turns out I love clever baking things too.

I followed the directions….

Popped my Piggie Pops in the oven….

And out popped some piggie pops!

Seriously, can you stand how cute these are?   They tasted like pancakes and sausage met corn dogs….

And since I had all of these delicious little guys ready to go, I added some scrambled eggs and served it to the hubs for dinner-

Just like me to be efficient, silly and Yummy!


Yep, this happened #2:

I also splurged on some cute plates and napkins for her gift bag…because how could I NOT?

Can you read this:


And speaking of gift bag, isn’t this adorable and oh so oinky?

Yep, this happened #3:

I also tucked a birthday letter into that bag.  Here’s the backstory on why I sent a letter instead of just a card:

I’m taking an online class from Yale University on Happiness.  The course is called “The Science of Well-Being”

And yes, when I finish the 10 week class I’m going to be a Yale Graduate just like Matt!  😛

I’m learning that there are things we can actively do to increase our happiness.

They are called “Rewirements”

The Rewirements are:

• Signature Strengths – using your top character strengths in new ways
• Savoring – taking time to savor the things you enjoy
• Gratitude – (List and/or Letter) – expressing gratitude for the people and things in your life
• Kindness – increasing your acts of kindness
• Social Connection – making connections with strangers and acquaintances along with scheduling time for the people in your life
• Exercise – increasing your physical activity to at least 30 minutes a few times a week
• Sleep – making sure you sleep at least 7 hours a night several times a week
• Meditation – meditating for 5-10 minutes if you are a beginner or increasing your time in meditation if you already meditate regularly

Every single one of those things has been scientifically PROVEN to raise happiness levels! So I’m trying to put all of those into practice — hence my letter of gratitude!!!

Link in comments if you are interested in taking the class  – I promise you won’t regret it.

Link in comments if you want to

What can I say:  I’m Feeling Blessed!

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