Exploring the tide pools: Cabrillo National Park

If you are looking for a fun activity to do with the kiddos
or your friends, I suggest you head over to Cabrillo National Park!


There are miles of trails to explore – and the wild flowers are incredible this time of year!



You will see some amazing things along the way!



And if you time your visit with low tide, you will REALLY see some amazing things!


(Keyhole Limpet)





(This little sea star was smaller than a dime!  CUTE!)




Brittle Sea Star:



And of course, you can also go tour the lighthouse — but today we just
stayed along the coast….




And who can resist a sea food lunch at Point Loma Seafood when the hiking is done????
Definitely not me!


“Tide Pools provide a home for many animals. They are created by the
changing water level, or tides. The high energy waves makes this a
harsh habitat, but the animals living here have adapted over time. When
the earth, sun and moon align during the full and new moon we have
extreme high and low tides. Generally, there are two high tides and two
low tides a day.
 The tidepools at Cabrillo are protected
and have been monitored by the National Park Service since 1990.
Tidepool Etiquette:
Human impact can hurt the animals. As you explore the tidepools, you
may touch the animals living here, but only as gently as you would touch
your own eyeball. Some animals may die if moved even a few inches
from where they are found.   Also, be aware of the
changing tides, slippery rocks and unstable cliffs. Have fun exploring!

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