Marni Von Wilpert: We Need Her on Our San Diego City Council!

I had an opportunity to meet one of the candidates for City Council 2020  last night!

 Marni Von Wilpert

…..and I have to say I was SOOOO impressed!

Her background is just what I want an elected official to have — check this out:

She has a degree in  Peace and Conflict Studies at U.C. Berkeley  which led to VOLUNTEER service in the Peace Corps in Botswana.

While living in Botswana she realized she should get a law degree so she could help even more!

After her law degree she started a Non-Profit legal clinic in Mississippi help people lift themselves out of poverty,  combat discrimination and assist people living with HIV.

Then she decided to move back home to San Diego (she’s a graduate of Scripps Ranch High School)

…and became a City Attorney for San Diego.

As a City Attorney she’s defended taxpayers in court against frivolous lawsuits – and won.

She has clearly spent her life serving others – and is ready to serve San Diego even more as a City Councilmember!

“Why I’m Running – People Over Politics
All the anger and division these days isn’t solving anybody’s problems – it is the problem.

I’ll bring a fresh approach to representing our community on the City Council.

It starts with listening, focusing on solving problems and putting progress ahead of today’s divisive, angry politics.

As a Deputy City Attorney, I took an oath to do just that – to serve you, and only you, the people of San Diego.

To protect our city and its families. To put people over politics.

On the Council, I’ll work to unite our community around the values we share – safer neighborhoods, a cleaner environment, more transit,

less traffic, raising wages, reducing housing costs and creating good jobs along the way.

Because that’s how we’ll make life better for San Diego families –

by listening to the people and bringing communities together, not driving each other further apart.



I hope you will join me in supporting her and voting for her in March and November!

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