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Today is the day Lauren has been dreaming of for 9 long months.
Her boyfriend is returning from Afghanistan!
Lauren asked me to join her to capture those precious moments….
and I have to tell you it was one of the most emotional and amazing homecomings I’ve ever captured — so sit down a minute while I tell you a story….no….A FAIRY TALE!
Beautiful Lauren (blue dress) had the amazing support of her best friend while she waited –
 those last hours are so hard – Lauren definitely had some butterflies!
Then, finally the bus from March Air force Base (where the squadron flew in from Afghanistan)
pulled up to the hangar where the families were waiting…
(I love that her friend is just as emotional as she was!)
Then it was GO!  And everyone started running
(You’ll have to see the running part later – I captured that on video for them.)
But I bet you can imagine how amazing that first hug felt, can’t you?
Now fast forward about 5 minutes
During that 5 minutes Sergio hugged one of his friends
(who we found out later)
 secretly slipped him the engagement ring…..
….and then, when the moment was right, he turned to Lauren, took out his engagement ring
 and asked her the question every girl dreams of…..
“Lauren will you marry me?”
*Let me insert a little side note here — I did not know this was going to happen!  But of course I’m always ready for anything…
I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful this was to watch!
And honestly, I still get chills watching again!
I hope you can tell from this next portrait that everyone else in the hangar noticed
and started clapping and cheering?
 I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house!
Um….she definitely said, “YES!”
And can I just say, Sergio did an EXCELLENT job choosing that engagement ring — YOWZA!
Well, quite obviously, we were all on cloud-9!
I asked if I could take them outside the hangar for some engagement portraits….and
lucky for me, they said “OF COURSE!”
Sergio is an Osprey pilot, so he had the idea to head out to the flight line.
**And is this next candid portrait cute or what?
Nothing like admiring your brand new engagement ring glistening in the sun, is there?
Wow! Don’t you think?
Sergio’s friend brought champagne to celebrate (watch the video to see the cork POP!)


Oh my.  What an amazing day!  I think it was as much a blessing to ME just being there as it
was to Lauren and Sergio (and their families who now get to share that precious moment!)
Lauren told me later she was so amazed and pleased with all my portraits
she asked me to be her wedding photographer!
But hold everything!  
[insert sound of record player needle being screeched across a record]
The story continues!
I happened to see one of my portraits on our local 10 News, mentioning that Lauren and Sergio
were in the top four finalists in Good Morning America’s Valentine Wedding in Times Square contest.
Well, sure enough, Good Morning America shared my portraits too!
Here are some shots of my TV screen.  (so does this mean I’m world famous now?…lol)
Yay!   You just have to see their VIDEO SHOW HERE.
(I promise it’s worth 3 minutes of your day!)
Grow old with me! The best is yet to be. ~Robert Browning

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