Frivolous Friday: Santa, Trolls, Munchkins, Dr. Seuss and Lilies! San Diego Family Photographer, San Diego Wedding Photographer

Frivolous:  carefree and not serious, lighthearted, giddy

Guess what three things happened this week in between all my portrait sessions and retouching work??? 
Well…let me tell you….

Yep, this happened #1:

Ho Ho HO!!!

I bumped into Santa this week – and I’m happy to report he said I’m on his NICE LIST!  (Whew and Cool!)

And side note – can you see that I’m rocking my custom made CAMERA purse…?

Clearly, I’m so NOT Kate Spade trendy, but am SO proud of what I do that I want to shout it to the world on a regular basis….Ha!

(And side note – I think Santa’s pillow was slipping?  eek)

Yep, this happened #2:

Earlier this week, I was at Balboa Park for a family portrait session, and as always,  I arrived early to stroll around.

I stopped by one of my absolute favorite spots in the entire park:  the Lily Pond.

And let me tell you,  my breath was taken away at how beautiful it is right now.

There are so many gorgeous lilies in full bloom!

And the reflections were ‘clearly’ (ha!)  amazing!

And then I noticed a plein air artist was painting the lilies so I strolled over….

And told her I admired her work!

(But truth be told, I admired God’s work more and I bet she would agree to that.)

(This is my portrait with an
‘Oil Painting filter’ applied via photoshop – she inspired me!)
What a gorgeous start to my sunset family portrait session!


Yep.  This happened #3

Walked up Mt. Soledad TWICE in the same morning.  WHAT?

Crazy right?

Well, here’s my story and you’ll soon see how easily I get myself into crazy Lucy and Ethel type moments!

It started when I read an article about the “Munchkin House” in La Jolla and wanted to see if I could find it….and….well,  driving around seemed too ‘regular’

so I checked to see if my hiking pal was as crazy as me and did she want to walk around Mt. Soledad and look for it?  (She was, so we did.)

We found it – but let me backup, have you heard the myth about the Munchkin house?

Well, the myth says that back in the 1930’s a group of munchkins who had acted in the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ moved into a group of tiny homes on Mt. Soledad…

….this was never true but the myth has persisted because the houses do look dwarf!

(The houses have smallish features and the steep road that passes them makes them seem even smaller than they actually are.)

So no munchkins – but we did find the house – here’s a photo with me in front of it and it does look small, doesn’t it?

We were glad we found it but were far more impressed with it’s beautiful view of La Jolla & the ocean.

These photos are a little blah – but they are part of the story –so stick with me:

While I was researching where the Munchkin House was, I also learned there are “Troll Bridges” in La Jolla, so we added a visit to them to our walk! (How could we resist?)

The bridges were built in the late 1920’s and were inspired by the Cabrillo Bridge in Balboa Park.

They’ve been called the Troll Bridges, but I can confirm there were NO trolls there the day we walked under them….bummer….had my camera ready and everything.  🙁

The last stop on our morning walk in La Jolla was the former home of Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel)

His home is at the very top of the mountain,  tucked into the trees and very secluded, but we got a peek of the observation tower where many of his best loved books were written and illustrated.

Dr. Seuss passed away in 1991, but his widow Audrey Geisel still lives in this house high atop the world.

And if you were paying attention earlier you are probably still wondering why I climbed Mt. Soledad twice — here’s what happened.

I originally planned a giant 4 mile walking loop that included:

  1.  1.  Park at the Mt. Soledad Memorial then walk down the north side of the hill to the Munchkin House;

2. Walk down the hill a little farther to the Troll bridge;

3. Walk back up the mountain on the opposite, south side to see Dr. Seuss’ house;

4. From there it was supposed to be another 30 minute walk across the top of the hill to finish the loop and make it back to the car.


The route I planned was blocked by an HOA security gate – a fact that wasn’t noted on Google Maps.


So we had to walk back down the south side of the mountain, cross along the bottom of the hill and then climb back up the north side to get to our car.

OMG to say the least.

Our morning walk ended up being over 3 hours long with 7 miles of walking and 80 flights of stairs climbed.

And seriously UPHILL BOTH WAYS!

And can I also mention that this place is called MOUNT Soledad!

So it wasn’t a stroll through a meadow it was MOUNTAIN CLIMBING.  (We had to break into our emergency granola bars!  EEK!)

Honestly if we were closer to home I would have put out an SOS for one of you to come rescue me from that second climb up the mountain!

What can I say though…..even with double uphills in life:  I’m Feeling Blessed!

Anyone else ever had a Lucy and Ethel moment????  Please tell me I’m not alone….


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