Frivolous Friday: Liquid Gold! Autumn in New England – a Bucket List Trip!

Awkward admission:   I’m always afraid to take a vacation….I mean I LOVE them but what if someone needs me?

I pride myself on instant responses to emails and inquiries and always do my best to be available when a client (and one of my BFF’s!) needs me

I guess it’s normal to be scared to  leave a baby (my business) alone for a few days…….right?

Well, here’s my secret – I don’t really leave it.

I’ve settled on a formula where I wake up early every morning and sneak in a few hours of work before hubby wakes up  and check client emails from my phone a few times a day.

It works for me and means I can sneak away WITH my ‘baby’ so to speak….and guess where I went last week?

To take in some LIQUID GOLD!

Enjoying Autumn in New England has been on my bucket list forever – I mean GEEZ I’m a photographer – how could I possibly resist?

Well this was the year I decided it was officially TIME.   I’ve been planning and researching it for six months – trying to figure out the best time and the best route.

And YES, all the roads in Vermont and New Hampshire look like that – can you stand it?  I seriously took HUNDREDS of photos as we were driving!

Both hubby and I kept saying “Oh my gosh look at that….!”

And COWS on lush green grass with fall color on the hills!!!   Just MOOvelous!

And guess what?  THEY HAVE WATER!  [gasp!]

I brought along a Neutral Density Filter so I could capture some waterfalls with a technique called “Slow Shutter Photography”

This involves a tripod and an open shutter of 4-10 seconds but the result is so worth it….what do you think – do you like the crisp stop action water or the slow, smokey, misty water?

Of course my amazing hubby was there the whole time too – he came not to photograph but to relax and enjoy.

He made the trip perfect because he never rushed me or pouted that I was taking too long – and when we saw something interesting from the highway, he U-turned and let me go photograph to my heart’s content.

WITHOUT WHINING!  What a guy, right?

(And I bet he pulled over for me to photograph an amazing sight about 100 times during our 8 day trip – not kidding you on that.)

Here’s the official route -we put 2079 miles on the ole rental car!  (We included a stop in Philly to see Matt and his first big production!)

Here’s the story on this sweet little image:  we were driving down the highway in New Hampshire on day 3 when we saw a peek of this amazing pond from the road in between the trees.  Course we screeched to a stop!

I literally almost DIED when I hiked down to it and discovered not just an amazing mirrored reflection of autumn but AN ISLAND with romantic chairs.


I was a kid in a candy store the entire time with so many beautiful things to look at…even the ground under my feet was beautiful!

And CRUNCHY – I ask you who doesn’t love crunchy walking?

And every trail looked like this – I can’t imagine the joy of hiking in a REAL LIVE FOREST every day of the year….

(Can you spot me looking small and swooning with love?)

Everywhere I looked was a photo begging to be made….

(This was the driveway of our air B&B in Woodstock, NH)

Would you believe I captured over 4,000 images during my week long adventure??

And just like I do when I’m photographing a wedding, I try to pay attention to everything – the big picture, the small details and everything in between…

And I tried to look UP and DOWN and all AROUND!

This beautiful pond portrait was made just after sunrise – we arrived in hopes of seeing a moose enjoying his breakfast , but instead saw fire  on water….  😉

No lie, we pulled over for EVERY lookout….

And let me tell you Toto, we realized right away we weren’t in San Diego anymore…..the colors were so dazzling!

And the sun kept doing amazing things to the leaf color as it moved across the sky… still my heart….

And speaking of sky — here’s the Big picture:

And a Little splash!

Before I left home, I made a list of all the portraits I wanted to make on my trip – things I hoped I would find – and one of them was a cute white church surrounded by color.

I think we pulled over for about 20 churches…

Also on my list was a cute red barn…scored!

And some covered bridges of course…

Here’s a covered bridge from the inside OUT!

You can still drive through most of the covered bridges – just one lane though, so you take turns driving across.

They were called ‘Kissing Bridges’ in the olden days because you could sneak a kiss in the dark!  Oooo la la!

To be perfectly honest with you, I wasn’t expecting EVERYTHING to be so beautiful – there was honestly a pleasant surprise around every corner.

This is just someone’s driveway for crying out loud!  A DRIVEWAY!

(What would you do if you walked out to your front yard and found me photographing your driveway?  Hopefully behave like this homeowner….and give me smile and a wave)

And seriously, is this the most beautiful Mcdonald’s you’ve ever seen??   Why aren’t our fast food restaurants carpeted in GOLD?

Speaking of gold…..

And here’s my best treasure of all!

What can I say:  I’m Feeling Blessed!

This was a quick recap of the trip – if you’d like to hear and see more, click on over to my blog!

And stay tuned next week – I’ll share the coastline of Maine with you!

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