Frivolous Friday: Enjoying MORE of Nature’s Confetti! Autumn on the Coast of Maine

Frivolous:  carefree and not serious, lighthearted, giddy

I have to share the final chapter of my New England Fall Foliage Bucket list trip because it turns out there are amazing things to see in Maine too!

Just to catch you up — After we soaked in the Liquid Gold of Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire, we headed for the coast of Maine….

If you missed the first part of my story “LIQUID GOLD IN VERMONT- click on over to catch up with the story…I’ll wait here…

Thankfully the color was everywhere! Like on the “Happy Clam Shack!”

Can you stand how serene and beautiful this little scene is?

I spotted a little burst of tree color from the road, so we stopped to peek – that’s when I saw the pond!

And after I hiked closer to the pond I saw the canoe — how lucky was that?

I really wanted to join those canoers – but I forgot to pack my canoe!  Bummer.

So I just photographed them instead.

And side note, I probably captured 20 different little angles of this scene – and then finally found my perfect area with that little bit

of colorful foreground and a framing of the tree branch – so make sure you don’t just take one photo and run….keep studying the scene!)

And wasn’t the sky just amazing?  It as filled with little puffs of cotton.

And speaking of amazing – I had lobster three delicious and different ways during my Maine visit.

One of my San Diego pals recommended we stop at “Young’s Lobster Pound” for a Lobster Roll, so we worked that into our road trip.

And oh my goodness the lobster was so yummy I **almost** didn’t notice those sad lobster eyes looking up at me from the tank

OR that I was sitting at a picnic table in 52 degree weather….brrr….(almost)


Speaking of Brrrrr……We had a bit of rainy AND COLD weather while we were there, but thankfully I was able to enjoy it from the nice and toasty car with my seat warmer on….

When the sun came out I ventured back outside the car.

I asked hubby to pull over so I could photograph this stream and as I walked down to the water and looked around, guess what I saw?

An amazing railroad bridge!  Woot woot!  With RUST – how cool is that?  I love when bridges enhance the foliage….  😉

The first thing we did after we checked into our little Bar Harbor Bed and Breakfast was walk across the bar of Bar Harbor.

Did you know there’s a sand bar that divides the harbor during low tide?

Hence the name BAR HARBOR!  [gasp!]  (We did not know this until we arrived!)


During low tide you can walk on the sea bed to Mount Desert Island – but as soon as the tide comes in,

this is flooded with 5-12 feet of water so you could be stranded on the island — isn’t that interesting?  And there were photos of cars that tried to drive across and then got stuck in the rising tide….eek!

The whole reason we were in Bar Harbor was to explore Acadia National Park  – I had discovered in my research that it is the oldest National Park east of the Mississippi River.

The wealthy Eastern elite of the early 1900s, including John D. Rockefeller, began buying land in the area and then donating it to the government to protect — they loved the area so much and didn’t want it to be overdeveloped.

Acadia National Park generally receives more than two million recreational visits each year, making it one of the most-visited national park in the United States.

Everything was beautiful – and while there wasn’t as much leaf color as Vermont- it was still gorgeous!

(We learned that foliage color change starts first in the cold northern regions then travels south – the coast is later because it’s warmer)

Acadia National Park covers nearly 47,000 acres on the Atlantic Coast of Maine and is the first spot in the US to greet the morning sunrise!

And check out the view from the top of Cadillac Mountain (and fun fact – as of a few days ago the road to the mountain top is closed — Snow and ice on Cadillac Mountain have created unsafe driving conditions.)

Whew – glad we went last week and not this week!

Just like when I’m photographing a wedding, I always try to remember to look up, down and all around – beauty and parts of the story are everywhere!

Next up for Acadia National Park was their world famous “Park Loop Road” — this view was near Thunder Hole….

And can I tell you a little story about it?

Thunder Hole is the place in Acadia National Park with a small inlet, naturally carved out of the rocks, that the waves roll into.

At the end of this inlet, down low, is a small cavern where, when the rush of the wave arrives, air and water is forced out like a clap of distant thunder.

Water may spout as high as 40 feet with a thunderous roar! Hence the name: Thunder Hole.

This photo is looking to the other side of Thunder Hole and as you can see from the photo – everyone is looking to the right at the hole and then walking straight back to the parking lot.

But as I was looking around taking in the scene, I noticed that if you walked another 50 feet left and looked in the other direction…there was an even more amazing view.

This magical scene was being ignored by the crowds….but not me…. YOWZA!

…and speaking of magical….can you believe these colors?

(I’m pretty sure this was a fairy’s garden….still looking for confirmation but it looks magical to me!)

And of course we enjoyed a couple nights in the City of Brotherly Love:  Philadelphia  (visiting Matt….but that’s another story…)

Thanks for going on my little trip with me – it was fun to share!

Where should I go next….?

And BTW – this was just a shortened recap – click HERE to read more about Maine and see more of the photographs I made!

What can I say:  I’m Feeling Blessed!


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