Enjoying Nature’s Confetti! Autumn in Maine *My Bucket List Vacation Part 2

I have to share the final chapter of my New England Fall Foliage Bucket list trip!!!

After we soaked in Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire, we headed for the coast of Maine….

If you missed the first part of my story “LIQUID GOLD IN VERMONT- click on over to catch up with the story…I’ll wait here…

Okay – are we back from reading chapter 1?

So, it turns out there are amazing things to see in Maine too!

I was a Happy Clam!

Because color was everywhere!

I spotted a little burst of tree color from the road, so we stopped to peek – that’s when I saw the pond!

And after I hiked closer to the pond I saw the canoe — how lucky was that?

I really wanted to join those canoers – but I forgot to pack my canoe!  Bummer.

So I just photographed them instead.

(And wasn’t the sky just amazing?  Little puffs of cotton all over the sky!)

And speaking of amazing – I had lobster three amazing and different ways during my Maine visit.

One of my San Diego pals recommended we stop at “Young’s Lobster Pound” for a Lobster Roll.

And oh my goodness it was so yummy I almost didn’t notice I was sitting at a picnic table in 52 degree weather….brrr….(almost)

I also learned that a “Lobster Pound” can mean a casual restaurant where you eat fried clams, crab or lobster at harbor-side picnic tables and it also means a large holding area for lobsters

– I think Young’s is a combination of both…

Here’s the rustic inside of Young’s – you can see the green salt water tanks….

Filled with lobster….poor guys….

Felt sorry for them, but still enjoyed my Lobster Bisque….ahem…moving on….

And then the next day I ordered lobster again – this time at a cute little WARM cafe.  This was called “Lazy Man’s Lobster.”

(essentially lobster already shelled and floating in butter….perfection!)

And yes, I’m a lazy man sometimes….not usually, but sometimes.

Did I mention I saw just a few lighthouses during our visit?

I didn’t take much time to photograph them because it was FREEZING and RAINING and I’m highly allergic to both of those.

But I just HAD to jump out of the car for a second to capture this lighthouse portrait because I knew those daisies would make for a wonderful foreground….am I right?

I enjoyed the cold mist —-as long as I was looking at it from the warm car with my seat warmer on….

Thankfully for me, the next day the weather cleared up and WARMED UP.


(Just FYI: anything below 70 makes me cold….so at 48 degrees I was FREEZING TO DEATH!)

During our drive, I asked hubby to pull over so I could photograph this stream and as I walked down to the water and looked around, guess what I saw?

An amazing railroad bridge!  Woot woot!

This bridge was surrounded by color everywhere I looked..

Just like snow, fallen leaves make EVERYTHING more beautiful – even railroad tracks!

And I just loved how crisp and white the birch bark looks against the bright colored leaves — I think I made about 30 photographs like this!

Well, jumping back into the story, this was our cute little Bed and Breakfast in Bar Harbor, Maine.

We enjoyed two nights of hospitality and good food there.

The first thing we did after we checked in was walk across the bar of Bar Harbor.

Did you know there’s a sand bar that divides the harbor during low tide?

Hence the name BAR HARBOR!  [gasp!]  (We did not know this until we arrived!)

During low tide you can walk on the sea bed to Mount Desert Island – but as soon as the tide comes in,

this is flooded with 5-12 feet of water so you could be stranded on the island — isn’t that interesting?

The dry seabed was a smorgasbord of delight for the seagulls!

(Can you imagine that all of this was under 10 feet of water the hour before…???)

Here’s that same area when the tide is in….. 

We loved the little town of Bar Harbor – so many cute shops and interesting things to see and walk around.

We only did a little bit of shopping – I bought a heavy scarf and a winter hat  (I think this was the last photo of the trip before I bought my warm and toasty hat and scarf!)

AND I had a recommendation to try Maine’s unofficial soda – Moxie – and it was delish!

Used it to fuel up for some amazing hiking in Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is the oldest National Park east of the Mississippi River and the very first where the land was donated to the federal government.

The wealthy Eastern elite of the early 1900s, including John D. Rockefeller, began buying land in the area they loved  so it wouldn’t be overdeveloped.

In 1919 this land became designated as a National Park!  I’m so glad it was set aside~

Acadia National Park covers nearly 47,000 acres on the Atlantic Coast of Maine and is the first spot in the US to greet the morning sunrise!

Our first stop was the top of Cadillac Mountain.

Cadillac is the tallest mountain on the U.S. Atlantic coast!!!

Then we headed around their world famous “Park Loop Road” — this view was near Thunder Hole….

And can I tell you a little story about it?

Thunder Hole is the place in Acadia National Park with a small cavern that waves crash into and make a sound like a clap of thunder.

Well the crowds were all lining the walkway looking at the Thunder Hole, then walking back to their cars.

But I noticed that if you walked 50 feet THE OTHER WAY and looked north you saw something amazing….

Oh my, can you stand it?

So remember people – LOOK everywhere or you’ll miss something beautiful….and you can quote me on that.

Spotted this sweet little scene through the trees as we drove and had to pull over!

This is the Asticou Azalea Gardens – inside Acadia National Park – I can only imagine what this looks like in the spring with azaleas blooming everywhere….

But oh my goodness don’t get me started about fall foliage reflected in ponds….

And there was a cute little bridge to hop across!

I tried to soak it all in by remembering to pay attention to the details….like the puddles~

And the little berries!    ***I was on my knees capturing that berry when another tourist stopped and asked what I was taking a photo of

I told her the berry with the yellow foliage behind it and she looked at me like I was crazy….

oh well….I guess I am!

So no matter how kookie it seemed, I tried to look up and down and all around!

(Did you know even the fern turns colors in New England?)

And of course we enjoyed a couple nights in the City of Brotherly Love:  Philadelphia  (visiting Matt….but that’s another story…)

But I will mention that there were NO fall colors there – it was too far south – they need another couple weeks until their leaves turn….

Thanks for going on my little trip with me – it was fun to share!

Where should I go next….?

BTW:  If you missed the first part of my story “LIQUID GOLD IN VERMONT– click on over to catch up with the story…

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