Frivolous Friday: Travel! An Amish Buggy, the Space Shuttle and a Ship

Frivolous:  carefree and not serious, lighthearted, giddy

Guess what three things happened this week in between all my portrait sessions and retouching work??? 
Well…let me tell you….

Yep, this happened #1:

Well, if you remember last week, I just got home from a trip to the East Coast where I watched my son graduate

(If you missed that, you can see all the fun and how amazing Yale University is HERE)

Our adventure continued after graduation with a family trip – a Bahamas Cruise…..!

But before we boarded our ship we took a little road trip to visit extended family in Pennsylvania– and on the way I got to cross of something on my bucket list – I rode in an Amish buggy!

The Amish  driver – Jedidiah – gave us lots of history of the Amish and Mennonite people,

talked about their way of life and showed us around an Amish farm.

You have to admire people who are so strong in their beliefs that they can shun cars and electricity!

After that amazing experience and a super delish Amish lunch,  we headed to my mom’s childhood home for a big ole Family reunion!

Forty people were there to greet us – it was an amazing day of reminiscing, laughter, good food and of course PHOTOS (clearly, you must  know how I roll!)

I won’t make you sit through ALL of the photos I took, but here are a few that help tell the story….

And did I mention my Gram’s house is on the banks of the Susquehanna River?

I can’t begin to tell you the hours and hours of fun we had when we were little playing in her huge backyard and swimming and boating in the river …

See if you can spot me in these photos.

…and side note:  My favorite tree is STILL THERE!

(And this will be the only photo you ever see of me in a bathing suit  (And I can guarantee that!) ha!


Yep, this happened #2:

We jumped on our ship in Port Liberty, New Jersey – right across the water from the Statue of Liberty- we wanted her to turn around to wave, but no go….

We had fun relaxing and eating, taught ourselves how to play shuffleboard, ate, enjoyed the sun, ate, played cards, ate,

enjoyed the cloudy foggy  weather caused by a nearby hurricane, ate,  watched the shows, ate, did some people watching, ate, and generally goofed around.

Did I mention we ate?


I was looking forward to this cruise just because I wanted to look at Matt for 7 days straight….kidding…but not really.

*Honest side note here – and I wonder if this will resonate with other moms:  after your kids leave home for good and they only return for a few

short “visits” each year it’s really hard – not that I pine away every minute of the day (thankfully God gave me this amazing business to keep me occupied and OH SO HAPPY)

but you still dream and remember all the day-to-day laughs and fun of having the kids at home.

I bet any mom would agree that they would love to just sit there and soak in their kids and be happy about who God blessed them with — I think so anyway.

I try to remember this:
“To raise a child, who is comfortable enough to leave you, means you’ve done your job.

They are not ours to keep, but to teach them to soar on their own.” – unknown author

Yep, this happened #3:

Moving on……  🙂  Our cruise was supposed to stop in three ports – one was cancelled because of a nearby hurricane.

One was in Nassau, Bahamas where we just strolled around….

And our favorite port was the visit to Cape Canaveral in Florida.

We hadn’t been there since Matt was in 2nd grade so it was time to check it out again!

We got to see the original Mission Control Room from the Apollo Missions as well as the retired Space Shuttle Atlantis.

They have some very well done movies about the Space programs and wonderful interactive exhibits –

it really is an amazing museum we were glad we took time to visit.  Make sure you go if you are ever in that area of Florida.

What can I say:  I’m Feeling Blessed!


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