Shadowridge Golf Resort Wedding of Rachel & Elijah -True Love and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos!

Rachel and Elijah are married!   With the help of their talented team – the day was perfect!:

Photographer:    Pam Savoring The Sweet Life Photography

Venue:  Shadowridge Golf Club

Coordinator:  The Amazing Anna from Shadowridge Golf Club

Catering:  Shadowridge Golf Club

Officiant: Pastor Carlos Sales 2Wed4life

DJ: MagNight Entertainment

Flowers:  Javier Flower Growers

Cake:  Flour Power

Bride Rachel reports that their theme was a twist on Flaming Hot Cheetos with bright colors and flowers everywhere.

They were so happy with everything and felt that it was truly “OUR wedding and everything we hoped for (even if we didn’t have a vision of it before.)”

The flowers the couple fell in love with were Coral Daises, hydrangeas, roses, blue Delphinium’s, babies breath, Lily’s and lots of green filler leaves.


The bride and groom both agree that the most anticipating and special moment was the ceremony, all of it. But mostly walking down the aisle, which according to the bride:

“we both ugly cried like no other!  We didn’t pay attention to anyone in the rows, just each other,

it was such a weird experience, we don’t even remember hearing the music playing.

I was so nervous and it took me (Rachel) half way down the isle to actually look up at him and once I did and I saw him crying,

and this is when felt all of the emotions pour out. This beautiful man who said repeatedly the last year that he “WASN’T” going to cry, cried more than me! 

Throughout the ceremony I (Rachel) ended up being quirky and somewhat funny during our vows and he was romantic and emotional,

we completely traded places. It was absolutely unforgettable and standing up there with our family and friends surrounding us

made every penny, tear, stressful night and all of the bickering worth it. Not only that but we both feel so lucky to have had such a wonderful Officiant, Carlos Sales.

He engaged with us and our guests, he walked us through every step of the ceremony and made it personal.”


Cake:  Flour Power

One of the bride’s favorite ideas  for the wedding was take home, break apart centerpieces.

The couple had a vision and couldn’t find our idea anywhere so it was up to them to make it up!

They searched 100’s of stores for affordable rectangular vases that can appear as 1 whole piece and break apart into 4 separate ones.

This way each couple could take a piece of the centerpiece/of our wedding home and keep it.

Not until a trip up to the L.A. Fashion District and bargaining with several store owners did the dream vases fall into their lap.

In the end it was a win-win, our reception centerpieces were beautiful, they didn’t need to purchase party favors, and everyone could leave with a piece of the special day and enjoy the flowers for a week or more.

The table numbers were custom designed for the couple by the Mother of the Groom….so sweet!

The couple has some advice to pass along:

Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you’d like to share with other couples planning their day?
” Buy materials (frames, vases, card box, candles etc.) that you can reuse in your home after the wedding.
Don’t waste money on things that can only be used once or that you will have to lug home and stare at for years,
that will have no purpose. Yes, you can resell but do you really want to go through all of that after a wedding?
We bout so many things at a low cost and second hand.
No one will know and in the end you and your partner made smarter decisions & with extra cash in your pocket for the honeymoon.
If family members or friends want to help, LET THEM! They will feel involved and it will save you time and headache.
Don’t micromanage them and be grateful, it’s 1 thing off your hands and if they have that 1 specific job they will Rock It!
Delete allllllllll your Pinterest boards once you and your partner have made a complete decision on something for the wedding.
Once we spoke with the florist on what we wanted it was “bye-bye Spring Wedding Flower” board.
Once we printed out our save the dates, invitations and even took engagement photos we deleted those boards right away
. It was somewhat relieving also. There is no reason to go back and look at what you could have done, did wrong or shouldn’t have done.
It’s all about you and your partner, don’t compare yourself and your ideas to other people or their wedding. 
Our photographer Pam Davis gave us this idea; we did it, and I highly recommend it to all couples.
On the evening of your wedding, break away from everyone, just the two of you.
You don’t even have  to talk, just hold hands and take a 5 minute walk.
We took a slow walk around the back of the reception and through the entrance because we wanted to see what all of our other guests saw, the guestbook table, photos,
gifts and more. It was sweet and we were able to take a breather together and truly appreciate and live the moment.
The day of the wedding is nonstop “go, go, go” that it was nice to soak in the moment, and love on each other with no eyes on us.
Read “The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide”, by Dana LaRue for ideas and inspiration!”

Rachel and Elijah’s love story started with a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos-

so a Flamin’ Hot Chip Bar was the perfect reception midnight snack!

The guilty pleasure since they were both children growing up and during their binge watching Netflix & midnight 7/11 runs is CHIPS.

Spicy chips, they could sit there and eat an entire Family size bag in one sitting!

And if they had lime, Chamoy or Salsa to put on it they were set!

They agreed on their top favorites; Flamin Hot & Limon Cheetos, Chile Limon Lays, Flamin Hot Fritos, Flamin Hot Puffs & Spicy Nacho Doritos. Don’t forget the nacho cheese!

This was probably one of the guests favorite ideas, and it was super affordable! And who doesn’t like chips!?

They also incorporated a few non-spicy chips for our guests who cant stomach the spice.


Years from now, all that will remain of your special day is your photographs, so choosing your photographer is one of your most important wedding day decisions.

My greatest joy is to be asked to capture a couple’s love story from Engagement to Wedding day. 

I’m based in San Diego, but would love to travel to your wedding!

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