Hannah: High School Senior and Family Portraits at Balboa Park

Your senior year is a major milestone and it deserves a unique and individualized portrait session.

Let’s tell a story about who you are senior year!

I think senior portraits should capture who you are senior year – that’s why I always encourage

my high school seniors to choose a location they love and bring a bunch of outfits and props that will help tell the story.

Hannah brought some great outfits and her family!


I always make a point to sometimes capture smiles and no smiles and color and black and white of the each portrait – so the teen has variety.

Will grandma hang that black and white on her wall?    Probably not…

…but it seems instagram postable for the senior, doesn’t it?    Check out these all captured in the same few minutes:

See what I mean?  Lots of fun and personality to be had!

And please bring along some props to make the portraits even more unique – after all I am trying to capture a slice of WHO YOU ARE SENIOR YEAR!

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