Frivolous Friday: A Chrysalis, a Caterpillar and a Birthday

Frivolous:  carefree and not serious, lighthearted, giddy

Guess what three things happened this week in between all my portrait sessions and retouching work??? 
Well…let me tell you….

Yep, this happened #1:

Got a call on my  ‘1-800-Pam-Get-Here-Quick’ phone line!

**It was a friend who knew I would want to come photograph something

cool that was happening in her very own backyard!

So I put on my super hero cape, grabbed my camera and macro lens, jumped in my photo-mobile and hit the road….

[insert the music from the old Batman TV show here…da na na na na….da na na na na….etc]

And guess what was going on?   Caterpillars were eating her milkweed plant, and then TRANSFORMING into a chrysalis right in her backyard!

First the caterpillar EATS!  A Lot!  (My friend’s milkweed plant has been stripped of all it’s leaves!)

Then the caterpillar crawls over to a safe place.  (In this case, 10 feet away and 3 feet up a palm tree!)

Then the caterpillar spins a bit of silk glue and hangs head downwards and it’s outer layer of skin starts transforming into it’s chrysalis.

Several hours later  the “chrysalis birthing” is complete.  In about ten days a butterfly will emerge. (Stay tuned for that!)

(And for size perspective, the Chrysalis is about an inch and a half tall….)

*****And needless to say – if you ever have something exciting going on that you think I’d want to photograph – send me a note!

Yep, this happened #2:

After that bit of awesomeness (isn’t God’s world amazing???) I was in the mood to get on over to the Safari Park’s butterfly exhibit.

(It’s a yearly tradition and this year I was even more inspired!)

Talk about beauty everywhere I looked!

All colors, all sizes, and all amazing!

I chuckled at the green one who was expressing his/her individuality by hanging upside down….

(And check out my newest hairstyle….)


Yep, this happened #3:

Speaking of beauty everywhere….  Thanks to everyone who made my birthday extra special and beautiful!

I was lucky enough to receive a bunch of wonderful wishes on facebook, birthday cards in the mail and even a custom painted art piece by my good friend William (age 3!)

One of the highlights of the day was a phone call from Matt!  🙂

Speaking of Matt, he sent me a very sweet necklace with a sweet little quote on it:

“Life is like a camera.

Focus on what is important.

Capture the good times.

Develop from negatives.

And if things don’t work out take another shot.”

Isn’t that sweet?

My day was also filled with some amazing food!

Hubby made me my favorite breakfast of Cheese Blintz and berries AND he recreated an amazing Curry that I’d loved from a restaurant on our trip-

and I enjoyed a beautiful Bento Box Japanese lunch with a dear friend – how perfect is all of that?

What can I say:  I’m Feeling SO LOVED and Blessed!


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