Frivolous Friday: The year of the penguin, my favorite Christmas decoration and a tea party

Frivolous:  carefree and not serious, lighthearted, giddy

Yep, this happened #1:

I am love, love, LOVING my Christmas decorations!  I always decorate my home during my Thanksgiving break so I can enjoy the holiday sweetness as long as possible.

For the past 5 years or so I’ve been changing the theme of my Christmas tree

(just a few changes mind you:  I’m all about being thrifty – I’m not talking a full Canterbury Garden$ make over here…for sure!)

This year was the year of the PENGUIN!  I’ve been planning it since August when I spotted these amazing white and soft gray penguins…

….pretty much everything else on the tree was recycled from other years.

My penguin obsession started last year when I couldn’t resist this sweet penguin and wool wreath
(The wreath came with two penguins so of course I had to add a third Matt Penguin!)
That wreath started the theme and this year I went wild with it!
 As a note, my penguins are large and were meant to just sit on a table,

but all I could see was ORNAMENT —so there you have it – my penguin tree!

Seriously, can you stand the sweetness?
So just a few penguins on the tree set the theme for all my decorations….
And then I added more penguins skiing and sledding down my stair rail….
Also along the stairs is what might be my favorite Christmas decoration of all,
my family portrait display.  It includes one family portrait  for each year for Matt’s whole life (plus one extra year – our wedding day!)
Some are professional portraits and some are from our family vacation.
This is only on display at Christmas, so each year I love looking back to see all the fun we’ve had  – this is the story of our life!
(Can you tell I’ve been PHOTOGRAPHY OBSESSED my whole life?)
It definitely brings me JOY!
I’d love to share a little more of my Christmas sweetness….like a gift from a sweet friend:
And Matt’s Nutcracker collection – we add a new meaningful nutcracker each year — this year was a Yale Nutcracker…
Even the kitchen has a Christmas touch….
Matt’s first visit with Santa….
A grumpy Grinch tree on my desk!
Yep, this happened #2:
I picked up Matt at the airport dressed as Santa Mom!
In addition to giving Matt a chuckle and an eye roll as I jumped around in the airport waiting area,
it was fun making everyone ELSE in the airport  smirk — ho ho ho!
Yep.  This happened #3.
I set up a “Welcome Home Matt” tea party.
(Can you see how much I love to make my hubby and son roll their eyes?  Hee hee)
It was really just a quick snack and a cup of Christmas tea but I couldn’t resist making them attend my tea party!
(And these teas are delish if you’ve never tried them!)
And seriously, can you stand the cuteness of these penguin appetizers?  (I did tell you it was the year of the penguin, didn’t I?)
(Cream cheese, carrots and black olives)
Or these penguin cupcakes?
(I might have gone a little pinterest crazy….just maybe)
And cucumber sandwich Christmas trees?
Too cute!
**As a note, no men were harmed in the eating of a cucumber sandwich….Although they each tried one, I knew it wouldn’t be their fav,
so I also made ‘man sandwiches’ with roast beef and cheddar….ha!
My boys were sweet to humor me……

And as I close on my last Frivolous Friday before Christmas,can I take a second to thank you for being my friend

and wish you a blessed Christmas with lots of fun and sweet family moments?

And I’m sending you out in the world to gather a few holiday eye rolls yourself…do me proud and report back on your progress!


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