My Road Trip Continues to Spectacular Sedona- Vacation Photography

Hubby and I left the Grand Canyon and headed to the second stop of our Road Trip:  Sedona, Az (about a two hour drive)

We took a side road rather than the interstate to see more of the scenery – our road looked like this:

And looked like this on google maps (which says FUN to me!)

If you missed the first part of my adventure – click to read about my visit to the Grand Canyon

The road is AMAZING – and you just can not believe what you are seeing!

Right?  Most gorgeous road trip EVER!

After checking into our hotel, we threw on our hiking boots and hit the trail!

 (My pal Kathy gave us some advice on the best hikes – so we scored on each and every one – thanks Kathy!)

Some of the hikes were easy…. and some a bit more challenging…. (but none death defying- so don’t worry)

But the views were worth it!   (You can just see the teeny road and cars in the bottom of the valley in this next one- it was a great climb of Bell Rock!)


But you also have to go back down the hill….don’t forget that!

Great panorama by my hubby below — can you see me sitting on the rock?

And tons of wildflowers!

We also took time to drive to Jerome, AZ – about an hour outside of Sedona  – it’s an old Gold Mining town that’s now an artist’s colony – our favorite two things in the whole town were the Gold Mining Museum and Exhibit

(Are you ready to be lowered down into a mine shaft in that teeny little elevator for a day’s work?  I say EEK!)

And our second favorite thing in the town was eating at the “Asylum Restaurant-” it was the old mental hospital and has been transformed into a hotel and restaurant.


Had an amazing lunch!

My sammie was sumptuous home roasted turkey with  chipotle apricot chutney, red onions, water cress, extra creamy cream cheese w/ crisp lettuce, on perfect “just ever so” lightly toasted bread.

Accompanied by  melt in your mouth fries!

With a Birch Beer (like root beer – and usually only found on the east coast — YUM!)

Their menu was pretty funny….

We worked off our lunch with a climb of Cathedral Rock — where you skinny along the cliff ledge for an amazing view!  (And  pretty awesome photo op!)

Then you reach the end of the trail….um ya – I see that….didn’t need a sign to tell me to stop.

And like I said, don’t forget you have to get back DOWN the mountain…

We met an amazing man on our hike up to the Boyton Vortex.  He hikes this mountain twice a day, every day, to play his flute and thank Mother Earth.

We joined him on his adventure and enjoyed hearing his flute – and we thanked God instead. 😉


The trails are wonderfully marked with these baskets of rocks – so you just follow those up the cliff!

Where you never quite know what you will see….

And two more things I have to tell you — first you have to go visit the The Chapel of the Holy Cross — it’s built into the butte.

You can go inside too – it’s very serene and amazing – I recommend a stop!

Also want to tell you that the building restrictions in Sedona are one of the reasons the city is so beautiful.

No building can be over 22 feet and EVERYTHING must be painted in earthtones.

Even McDonalds had to change their golden arches!  How cool is that?

And we decided to take the scenic route home, so we drove through Glamis, CA – the first time I’d seen the sand dunes.  Had to get out and crawl around even though it was 122 degrees!


Farewell vacation…..


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