My Grand Canyon Get Away – Vacation Photographer

The hubs and I jumped on Route 66 the other day…..headed on a road trip adventure to The Grand Canyon and then Sedona.

(And yes, I yelled, “STOP THE CAR” when I saw that painted on the road, then ran back to photograph it – cuz that’s how I roll!)

And yes, we did get our kicks on Route 66….clearly….

After a bit of goofing around and an amazing lunch in Williams, AZ;  we arrived at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and checked into our hotel.

If you look on the cliff across the way you can see our hotel.  And I’ll just take a second to recommend this whenever you go to the Grand Canyon –

get a hotel on the South Rim – they are affordable, clean, cute and give you lots more time to explore.

Plus the park service has lots of free shuttles everywhere, so you park your car at your hotel and never need to touch it until it’s time to wave bu-bye….

We did a little bit of hiking

….that’s me way down there in the next pic wearing purple on the Bright Angel Trail…


I fell in love with the little trees growing along the edge.  They were like petite little bonsai trees!

Of course you need the obligatory – me with the canyon pic!


Love affair with baby trees and things that live in them continues…


And also enjoyed a rest on the rocking chairs on the porch of our hotel

Okay, here’s the story about this next photo.  I need your opinion on this:

I’m walking along the rim and notice a man is staring at me.

I wonder what’s up and must have had a funny look on my face because he says,

“Sorry for staring, but can I just say you look ready for adventure….”  Then he smiles and walks off.

I think that’s a compliment…..or is that code for saying “you look like a dork.”  What do you think?  Or maybe a little bit of both?

We watched the sun go down at Hopi Point – how gorgeous is that?

(You can see some of the Colorado River peeking out down below – hard to believe THAT’S what carved the canyon!)

One of the best things about having a hotel room on the rim is you get to see the day change to night and

watch the sunrise and sunset all while not feeling pressure to have to leave to drive home.

I really can’t recommend this enough (and the prices are about the same as hotels in other cities.)

As the sun was setting I noticed lots of teeny little bats!  I’d say the ones I saw were about 6 inches long.  So cute!

The Grand Canyon is an important refuge for 22 bat species!

Went on a fossil hike with the ranger the next morning and saw -wait for it- FOSSILS!

Hiked for almost three hours on our last morning in search of one of the condors that call the Grand Canyon home, but never spotted one….boo hoo.

But, more baby TREES!

Did a bunch of hiking during our visit…but didn’t go all the way to the bottom.   The hike is way too long to do down and back up in one day.

(You need to plan a year ahead and win a lottery if you want to camp or stay overnight in the one hotel at the bottom.)

 But I will mention I backpacked the Grand Canyon and camped in the bottom when I was a teen and it was FABULOUS!

But we did make sure we explored some of the trails — interesting and beautiful~

Can you see the trail switch backs in this next pic?  That’s just the first half mile….

But the views – even from the top -are amazing!

Continuing my tree love affair….aren’t they adorable?

Baby tree!  (See a pattern here?)

The next morning we jumped in the car and headed down a beautiful road toward Sedona –

As a San Diego gal, I was LOVING the wildflowers on the sides of the road!

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