What to wear for Family Portraits

 Family portraits.  Important.  Fun.  SCARY?

I think scared is one of the first things a mom 
feels after she schedules her family’s portraits. 

What is she scared of?

“What is everyone going to wear!?” 
Will I have to buy new outfits? 
We don’t have anything that matches!
I want to look skinny and fabulous!

Choosing what to wear for an individual portrait session is a cakewalk compared to coordinating the wardrobe for a family session – or can feel that way.

The truth is, though, that with a little thought and attention to a few basic concepts, you can confidently choose clothes for your family’s next portraits and know they will look great!

I have a huge brochure I send my families when they first book their family portrait session – it has my fabulous step by step
formula to make the whole thing easy, fun and stress-free,
but in the meantime, here are a few thoughts…..

Because you are working with multiple people, you have an added dimension.
Instead of one shirt, you may have to plan 3 or 7.
And does each shirt have to match all 7 pairs of pants?
No – the thing to think about is Coordinating, not matching.

There are a few different methods that can be successfully employed when choosing what to wear for a group picture. The main ones are matching, complementary, and similar color themes.

Most people instinctively go for matching clothes when thinking of family (or any other group) pictures. 

A few tips if you do choose to match:
Steer clear of difficult-to-match colors. 
Different greens often clash with each other; 
blues, on the other hand, tend to be more forgiving.

Consider choosing one color as an ‘accent’ and using mostly neutral clothes with touches of the color.
Don’t be carbon copies. Even if you decide to match, try to mix it up a bit.

Complementary colors are colors that are on the opposite sides of the color wheel. (Sometimes complementary colors are referred to as contrasting colors.) 
Try blues with oranges, greens with reds,
 purples with yellows. 

When going for a complementary color scheme, try to stick with similar shades of the different colors – muted moss green with deep plum; pale yellow with lavender; aqua with coral, etc


If you want to have a similar color scheme, then choose color combinations within one color family.  Like shades of blue or gray.

Similar colors can easily set the tone of a picture – creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere or a soothing, peaceful effect.

 Keep it simple. Stick to ‘your’ style. 

And don’t worry – my “How to Look Your Best In Portraits”
brochure spells it all out! 

And if you need some advice before our session, just call me or snap a cell phone pic of everyone’s outfits 
and I can help! 

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