New York! Me taking a big bite out of the Big Apple! San Diego Destination Wedding, Family and Child Photographer

So this week, I hopped a plane and headed east to New York!
First stop, was Poughkeepsie, NY to visit Matt.
His summer job is at the New York Stage and Film Festival, so we couldn’t resist a little visit…
Wildflowers!  Don’t you miss them when San Diego is all dried up and brown?
Well New York is LUSH and Green!
Speaking of lush – we visited the Vanderbuilt Mansion — very ooh-la-LA

We also saw a play that will be opening on Broadway in a few weeks!
Then we walked over the Hudson River on the longest pedestrian footbridge IN THE WORLD!

It was an old Railroad bridge that couldn’t be used anymore – instead of demolishing it, they transformed it!

Then we said ‘goodbye’ to Poughkeepsie and hello New York City! 


After checking in to our hotel, we enjoyed a sunset cruise -which was perfect because we saw the city by day and by night (- the Statue of Liberty is beautifully lit at night!-)

And we scored with a lovely sunset!
Okay – get ready for some random photos….
Time Square!
Time Square characters having a break…. 

Famous cheesecake from my walking food tour of Soho, Chinatown and Little Italy!

Guess what we ate in Chinatown???

Also took a walking tour of Central Park!

BTW:  How many wings do you count in that picture.  I count 6…..

Stopped by to try to take Jimmy Fallon to lunch but he was busy.  Rats.  Had to eat alone.  

Went 69 stories into the sky at Top of the Rock – beautiful views of Central Park
and Empire State Building (and World Trade One in background)

Secret opening that will house the Rockefeller Christmas tree

And we also enjoyed a thunderstorm! 

Had dinner in an 1880’s church – St. Barts 
(Church reflected in the modern skyscraper across the street!)

And speaking of architecture and reflections….

And always too soon, it’s time to head home…..
“There’s an energy to new york that is unlike any other city in the world”
Michael Korrs

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