Frivolous Friday – the one with the bug and the mango tart

Frivolous Friday: Frivolous:  carefree and not serious, lighthearted, giddy
Yep, this happened:

Yep. This happened #1. A friend gave me this amazing Mango Tart – no reason, just a sweet treat out of the blue. How amazing is that???? I had to admire it and take pictures of it before I dared to cut myself a slice. (Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?) And let me tell you it was DELISH!

  • Yep. This happened #2 – I visited Evergreen Nursery in Carmel Valley and had so much fun looking at their acres and acres of amazing plants and flowers- you just drive around, put what you want in your car and pay on the way out. So beautiful and FUN! [Next week I’ll show you my amazing new garden…but only if you behave yourself this week….] 
  • Spotted a Cicada – playing his song! (Here are the details: Adult cicadas come in many colors from greenish-yellow to black- they have parts on their bodies called “tymbals,” which they vibrate to make loud sounds. You can hear groups of cicadas from more than a mile away!)
  • I always think of them playing the soundtrack of summer…
Feeling Blessed!


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