Frivolous Friday! The one with the Doggie Selfie Stick and the blue berries San Diego Family, Child, Engagement and Wedding Photographer

Frivolous Friday

Frivolous:  carefree and not serious, lighthearted, giddy

#1 Yep, this happened:  Bought my dogs one of those 
new doggy selfie stick cameras
and I think the picture quality is pretty good!  

It’s designed for your dog to use ALL BY THEMSELVES and it didn’t take long to teach him how to use it either…
this was my puppy’s first selfie pic…..
photography must run in the family, huh?

#2 Yep. This Happened:  
I’m jumping for joy thinking you might have believed my little April Fools Joke above (Doggie Selfie Sticks? Seriously?) 
Hee Hee….oh I just kill myself sometimes….
[insert knee slap here – Happy April Fools Day!]
Tell me what April Fools gags you have cooked up….
(Please comment on this blog rather than facebook-
just to keep the gag going….)

3  No foolin’ I ate an entire basket of amazingly sweet blueberries 
ALL. BY. MYSELF.   In less than two days.  
And I wished I’d had more…
…just call me Violet Beauregarde.

Still feeling blessed from a joyous Easter: He Is Risen!

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