Anza Borrego Desert – Hike, Wild Flowers, Pictographs, GOLD and more! San Diego Family, Event and High School Senior Photographer

Every spring I’m called to the desert by a mystical voice that says
 [in a soft wispy voice] “the flowers are blooming…the flowers are bloooooooooming….”
I always follow the voice’s advice and head for the Anza Borrego Desert!~
Where we found some gorgeous color….
And lots of artists!  (Turns out we were there during the Anza Borrego Art Museum’s 
Plein Air Invitational)
The artists were happy to let me capture a few photographs….

In addition to the artists we saw a caterpillar out enjoying the sunshine too.


We always stop in at the Visitor’s Center to get the Ranger’s advice on where to look for wildflowers
and where we should go hiking.  Today we took their advice and headed for “Cool Canyon”

Cool Canyon Trail  really got it’s name because it is cooler in temperature than other areas (in the spring and fall anyway)…and we definitely noticed more plants and greenery giving it a noticeably greener color….

Also saw some awesome jet trails……

And found GOLD!  
*Tried to load up our pockets with gold but it was all stuck in boulders….boo hoo…  ðŸ˜‰
We enjoyed a picnic lunch (I definitely recommend you bring your own food and drink!) 
 And bring twice as much water as you think you will need….the desert is a thirsty place…!

 After lunch, we drove over to our second hike of the day – The Pictograph Trail at Blair Valley Campground to see the 2,000 year old pictographs..

If you go, I suggest you extend your hike a half mile further to see the slot canyon to 
Smuggler’s Gulch
(The ole Stagecoach from the east used to travel in that valley in the distance- how cool is that?)

If you want to visit, check out the Anza Borrego Visitor’s Center Website
And go soon – the flowers won’t be around much longer….
“In the empire of desert, water is the king and shadow is the queen.” ~Mehmet Murat ildan

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