Bucket List Journey – hiking to the Hollywood Sign and Walking through the Bat Cave San Diego family, high school senior and wedding photographer

A Bucket List.  Do you have one?
Maybe not a formal, handwritten one, but one stuck in your head
listing all the cool things you want to do “someday?”
Well I do, and hiking up to the top of the Hollywood sign is ON IT!

My wedding assistant photographer and I were in Los Angeles touring a wedding venue 
(in advance of my bride and grooms wedding day next month)
 and decided this was the time!   So we added a few more hours to our commute and hit the trail!
There are lots of really good online guides that describe where to park, where to start your hike, each turn of the trail, etc.  So you can be confident you are headed in the right direction….
The hike starts on the west side of the mountain 
(where you can see the Hollywood sign) and then circles around the back of the mountain 
where you have awesome views of the San Fernando Valley….
After about 45 minutes of hiking, you turn the final corner and see this:

Yay!   (The photo below is actually a composition of 7 different photos all glued together….amazing!)
After a ton of photographing and feeling ACCOMPLISHED and EXCITED,
it’s time to head back down the mountain….but WAIT – keep reading – there’s more!

You can turn off the main trail to visit the Bronson Caves – 
where lots of TV shows and movies were filmed.

 You might recognize the cave that the Bat Mobile drove out of in the old TV shows????

Here are two screen shots from the shows:

The cave is actually open on both sides of the mountain and has a few different openings –
Rangers let you walk through it if you want.
**The day we were there, a movie crew was staging the cave for an Indian movie that was going
to be filmed the next day – you can see the campfire, Indian tools and there was a set designer drawing cave paintings on the walls…
This is the view from the backdoor of the cave:

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”
Abraham Lincoln

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