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I’ve had a little burst of requests for Professional Head Shots this month –
I think people are realizing the importance of a first impression.
Jordan is graduating from college this spring, so we captured some head shots
for Graduation Announcements and for resumes and LinkedIn….

Garrett is a professional actor and needed a new set of acting head shots for his portfolio –
he recently changed his look and needed his head shots to reflect that……

Jeannine just accepted a volunteer position and needed a new head shot for
their website, newsletters, etc — so she gave me a call too!

As a photographer it is my great joy to capture Head Shots and Staff Portraits that 
project the perfect professional image for you and your business!

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EMAIL ME with questions  or to schedule a meeting

Why Headshots Are Important : Chances are that if you are in business, you have heard about corporate headshots and how all the biggest and brightest CEOs take great pride in their image this way. You might have just brushed this off, thinking to yourself that a professional headshot isn’t necessary. On the other hand, you might already realise the importance of a professional headshot and are just reading this to solidify your opinion.
Representing Your Business the Right Way!
Whether you want to post your headshot on your company’s website, or want to post it on your social media pages, you are always representing your business in one way or another. You might deal with other businesses or with the general public, but a professional headshot will put confidence into your business and make your clients (both businesses and public) more willing to deal with you.
Think about it for a moment, if you were searching for a new supplier and found that a certain company was a very viable supplier, but the CEO had an unprofessional headshot in casual clothes – would you be willing to deal with this company?
Utilizing Platforms Such as LinkedIn
LinkedIn has grown in popularity ever since its inception, it has become of the biggest platforms for businesses and professional individuals. It has an abundance of advantages including networking, advertising, recruiting, and so much more, so it really should be utilized. If you’re not utilizing LinkedIn to its full potential then this is only going to have a negative impact on your business.
By having a profile on LinkedIn you will be able to connect with business and professional individuals alike, but you need to look the part if you want to get the most out of this platform. A professional corporate headshot will allow you to portray your business the way it should be portrayed.
Getting the Most from Your Headshot
There are many tips and tricks that you can implement in order to get the most from your headshot. One thing that many executives do is try to portray themselves as seriously as possible, this doesn’t always have to be the case! In some industries you might have to look serious, but if possible, make sure to show a bit of personality, people will remember!
All in all, make sure that you go to the right photographer! 
Robert Montgomery
CEO | Founder – Executive Recruiter

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