Frivolous Friday (Volume 2) San Diego Family, Child, High School Senior, Engagement and Wedding Photographer

Frivolous Friday

Frivolous:  carefree and not serious, lighthearted, giddy

Yep, this happened:
  • Enjoyed a taste of Syria at my “Around the World Potluck Club.”   (Eight of us take turns hosting a potluck themed to a different country each month.)  My assignment this time was to bring Lentil Rice Pilaf.  A fav of everyone was Syrian Pistachio Rolled Baklava…yum!

  •  Tapped my feet along with the amazing cast of Riverdance!  (…. luckily I was able to overcome my temptation to jump on stage and give it a whirl…cuz that would NOT have been a good thing!) 

          •  [Of course, not my Riverdance photo – no photography allowed]
  • WOOF!!!    I’m jumping for joy because my little puppy, “Flash” is doing a great job learning new commands and house breaking is going along smoothly…(Check out this before and after his first haircut)

And I’ll just pass along a little public service announcement – there’s a new app called 
Finding Rover”   It’s free and offers facial recognition software to help track you down if your dog ever gets lost.

**The finder of your dog just snaps a photo and uploads it to Finding Rover – the app will use facial recognition to find and notify you.  

San Diego Humane Society uses it to help track owners.  HERE was the news piece that I saw.

Feeling Blessed:

So thankful for sunshine and warmth!  What an amazing week we’ve had especially compared to what’s happening on the East Coast….

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