14,000 Steps of heaven! Hiking Torrey Pines Reserve San Diego Photographer

Ah the beach!   Specifically a morning walk at Torrey Pines State Beach 
– does it get any better than that?
Well it does if a high surf warning is in affect…check out those waves! 
Let’s take a look at photo #2 for a second – I generally spend time carefully composing my portraits
 so I DON’T have cars and parking lots in them but in this case I wanted to show how the high surf was almost level with Torrey Pines Road – and the waves were crashing on parked cars……LITERALLY…..half the road was soaked when we arrived 
because we were there an hour AFTER high tide.
Click below to start the video to get an idea….
(And do you notice there’s not a single grain of sand left on the beach? It’s 100% ROCK!)
One more video for you….

And the views from the top were AWESOME!
SQUIRREL!  (Do you see him?)
We hiked all around the reserve – ending up with 7.2 miles and almost 14,000 steps on the ole pedometer….and we enjoyed and treasured the views of each and every one of those steps!

Living in San Diego is such a blessing, isn’t it?

 “For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always our self we find in the sea.” – e.e. Cummings

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