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Every time I have a spare moment I like to be outside enjoying nature – whether it be the beach, 
the nearest hiking trail, a park or even somewhere more formal like the San Diego Zoo or Safari Park.

When I visited the zoo recently they were offering zoo members
a free trip on the bus, so I jumped aboard.

The bus gave a different perspective – and is a great way to see the polar bears without glass….

This little guy was playing ball….all by himself….

Saw the baby Capybaras….so cute!  

And how’s this for a life of luxury, a pedicure while being hand fed tasty morsels of lettuce?

I was on the top level of the double decker bus, so I had some tree top views!

Including a view of the demolition of the old Tasmanian Devil exhibit to make way
for the Africa Rocks exhibit.

The San Diego Zoo will start work this week on what will be its largest attraction to date, a $68 million Africa-centric exhibit populated with a wide variety of animals, reptiles, birds and plant life, along with a special habitat dedicated to penguins.

Located on the northern side of the zoo, the new exhibit will transform what is now a steep canyon area that at one time was the home of 1930s-era grottos and enclosures into a much more easily traversed, switchback-style path that will lead visitors through various plant and animal exhibits.

Dwarf crocodiles, a spurred tortoise, baboons, vervet monkeys and lemurs, and an African leopard will be among the new inhabitants of Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks, along with several old-growth trees and other African-native plants, including acacia, aloe, Madagascar ocotillo and palms.

Another key focal point of Africa Rocks, which will open in 2017, will be Rady Madagascar Habitat and Falls, the centerpiece of which will be a 65-foot tall waterfall that will cascade down several levels of the attraction.

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