Rhino Toes and me in the news! How did you celebrate World Rhino Day? San Diego Family and Wedding Photographer

First a note:  that photo is from the San Diego Safari Park official photographer, not me –
and it is the happy ending to today’s story.
Now let me back you up to the first part of the story where I was lucky enough
to be asked to help with that aerial photo.

A whole-bunch of photographers were asked to meet before the Safari Park opened and then
employees guided us to our places for the photo…..
I was assigned to be the back foot toe nails……  
A very important job!   😛
 Look toward the bottom of the aerial photo on the left edge…
And please note the accuracy of my row….we are a sharp crew!
The photo was sent to all the media outlets and ran on the Channel 8 news…
…so that makes me practically famous…..right?
And then after the photo adventure, of course we had to go see the rhinos….
First up was Nola who is 1 of 4 remaining northern white rhinos IN THE WORLD…how sad is that?
Northern white rhinos will become extinct during our lifetime    🙁 

Also visited the black rhinos…..

And who can resist the giraffes…..?

And I have to share the sweet little cardboard Rhino toy that keepers 
gave the lions to play with on World Rhino Day:
Thanks to the San Diego Safari Park for letting me share such a fun day!

San Diego Zoo website:
“Rhinos are dying at an alarming rate—3 rhinos are slaughtered every day. Tragically, their horn is hacked off and sold on the black market while the animal is left to die.

The northern white rhino is faring worst of all. There are only four of these rhinos left in the world, making them the most endangered species on Earth. Our own beloved Nola is one of them.”
For more information on San Diego Zoo Global’s rhino conservation efforts visitendextinction.org/rhinos.

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