Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Bernie & Cheryl: A Party, Vow Renewal, Family Reunion, Vacation and Celebration

50 years ago today, these two love birds said “I do” for the first time.
And lucky me, when they decided they were going to renew those vows in front of 
family and friends, they called me to capture each and every precious moment:  
(from smiles to tears and everything in between!)
With a little help from their friends, their beautiful backyard was transformed into a tropical paradise! 
And, earlier in the day I met just the family for some 
fun and fabulous family reunion portraits at the park!

And if you know me at all, you KNOW we are going to have some FUN.

Then we all headed back to their house for the Vow Renewal and Celebration Party….

In addition to creating a beautiful portrait of each guest arriving,
I was there to capture all the fun~!

It started with music and fellowship….
And then it was time for Bernie and Cheryl to say their “I do’s”  
or I guess that would be their “I STILL do’s”…???
I LOVE this next portrait it makes me so happy!
(I bet you are smiling right now too, aren’t you?)

Then it was time to eat their delicious Hawaiian feast and enjoy the company…

As a photographer it is my great joy to capture all the fun, excitement and details of Events, Vow Renewals, 50th Anniversary Parties, Banquets, Galas, Parties and Celebrations

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Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day.
 Gene Perret 

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