Colin: US Marines Officer Commissioning Ceremony Military and Family Photographer USS Midway

Welcome aboard the USS Midway — today’s visit is for a very important ceremony:
Colin is about to be Commissioned as an Officer in the US Marines!

His parents asked me to join them for the ceremony to capture each and every precious moment….

Of course some formal posed portraits with the family…..

And friends….

And ALL his friends, family and neighbors….

As well as photographing the ceremony itself from the first salutes….

To the reading of the Officer’s Statement:
His oath….

And all the unique parts of the ceremony
(… mom and dad pinning his Officer’s Bars…)

And Colin’s first salute as an officer….

I’d love for you to see his VIDEO SHOW with all the video clips mixed in with my portraits.
And there are also another 200+ more portraits capturing that amazing moment….

As a photographer it is my great joy to capture all the fun, excitement and details of Events, Military Homecomings, Military Ceremonies, Banquets, Galas, Parties and Celebrations

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Norman Schwarzkopf:
“The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.”

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