Take Epic Photos of Your Summer Vacation: San Diego Family, Vacation, Destination Photographer

I just returned home from an amazing trip —
 captured almost 4,000 images!
Thought I’d share a few tips on how YOU can take better vacation photos too.
My number one rule is “TELL THE STORY”
If your family had a great time wandering around an amazing open air market place –
take some photos that will remind you of that wonderful afternoon.
The Paella you ate…  and the ham you saw hanging from the butcher’s booth….
The strange vegetables you’ve never tasted….
The scary fish you aren’t sure if you want to taste at all….
Zoom in on the details…..

Remember to focus (literally and figuratively) on the little details that help tell the story. 
 Mom and son holding hands while walking through the amusement park, small elements of the attraction you are touring, statues, candles at an ancient monastery….etc.  

Get the whole picture….
While you definitely need close ups of the details, make sure you also zoom out for the big picture.  Take a step back to give an air of place — the entire park, a long stretch of beach, the town nestled on a hillside. Tell the story from a set-the-scene perspective.

Take a moment to really LOOK around – 
I bet there are some unique birds, insects and animals just waiting to be photographed.   
And don’t forget the plants, fruit and vegetables and flowers – 
 stop and grab a few photos.

Signs, signs, everywhere the signs…..
Help capture the culture of the town by photographing some of the language in the form of
signs, tickets, foreign currency, menus, etc.   
Not only will it help you remember where that particular set of photos were captured, it helps give a hint of the culture and tell the story. Pay attention to the angle you are shooting, so you can create some interesting perspectives…..and maybe add in some family members.

Make sure to capture the moments of everyone together, both posed and candid and action photos.  I’m always quick to ask a stranger to take a quick photo of all of us. 
 (Usually they ask me to do the same for them.)  
 And of course, don’t forget that your camera has a timer- so you can set it up and
 jump in the picture yourself.  
(HERE is a great article featuring apps that give your iPhone a timer…I use GorillaCam)

Get Creative
Keep your memories fresh by including photos of locals –
 and all the little things that made your vacation amazing!

Keep reading my blog this whole week to see more of 
my vacation to Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey!

I wish you safe travels and hope you have as much fun on your vacation as we did!

 “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

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