Barcelona, Spain: My World Travel 2015! San Diego and Destination Photographer

Paella -IT’S A GOOD THING – amazing any way you scoop it!  
But before we start eating lunch – I’ll tell you this is the first day of my 21 day grand expedition!
We started in Barcelona and travelled to France, Italy, Greece and Turkey.
I captured 4,000 images and after sorting them decided to keep 1800.
And don’t worry – I won’t make you sit through all of them!
Okay – back to the story….
We were lucky enough to find the Boqueria in Las Ramblas on our first day in Barcelona.
It is an amazing 100+ booth street market with the most amazing sights, sounds, smells and tastes!

After our amazing lunch, we hopped on the “Hop on, Hop Off Tour of Barcelona”
Where we hopped about enjoying all the amazing attractions, 
like the national art museum, The Palau Nacional:
You can also see part of the “Magic Fountain” designed for the 1929 World’s Fair.
(…me and hubby are those two tiny people standing at the top…can you spot us???)

One of the most amazing contributors to the art scene of Barcelona is Antonio Gaudi –
his La Sagrada Familia is a world famous Basilica.
(Craftsmen have been working on it for 100 years and it still has another 10+ years until completion.)

It’s hard to photograph in a way that you can appreciate the magnificence of it – 
but look how it towers over the city!
(558 Feet tall — that’s almost two football fields high!)
The stained glass windows inside are beyond breathtaking!
So ethereal and just amazing – the colors can’t be described…..
(How about a destination wedding there??? Anyone??? Call me!)
It features the most colorful stained glass windows you’ve ever seen.
Windows let in splashes of color (warm orange, red and yellow on one side of the church and cool blues and greens on the other)  They change the color of everything around them. 
The church uses light in one of the most impressive displays you will ever see…..

Looking straight up – Gaudi designed the support columns to look like palm trees….he designed it so light would stream down giving the impression of the sun’s rays poking through a forest canopy.

The cathedral’s inside height is 250 feet.
And I have to show you this artist’s rendering of what La Sagrada Familia 
will look like when it’s completed:
Of course in all our many hours of touring, I carried my camera with me at all times like a good
little photographer, so I was ready to capture sweet little moments….

From locals to cable cars, front doors to churches….

Park Guell, also designed by Gaudi was another amazing stop in the city!
And on our last day in Barcelona, we took a stroll, a taxi, a train, a cable car and a funicular
to the Montserrat Monastery and Church…breathtaking!
(Bonus points if you know what a Funicular is!)
Keep clicking to see my next vacation stops…and start planning your own vacation….

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

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