Tersila: Professional Head Shots San Diego Head Shot and Profile Portrait Photographer

A head shot is such an important part of your online and professional image….
what does your portrait say about you????
Tersila will be speaking at a conference this spring and needed a 
professional head shot for the program.
Lucky for me, her stylist suggested she give me a call (thank you Linda!)
My professional head shot profile portrait sessions are about 15 minutes long
and I suggest you bring a couple of outfits for a variety of looks.

It’s fun if at least one of your outfits has a pop of color
 (this can also be accomplished by adding a scarf)

She brought her son along to the session, so I couldn’t resist asking him to go 
pose with mom for a fun little mother/son portrait!

 As a photographer it is my great joy to capture Head Shots and Staff Portraits that 
project the perfect professional image for you and your business!

Please VISIT MY WEBSITE for more information 
EMAIL ME with questions  or to schedule a meeting

 Things you should know about headshots: 
(source: BackStage.com)

Your headshot should look like the best version of you, not a glamour shot that you could never reproduce without the intervention of a fairy godmother.

 Get your headshot taken by a professional. Just because your friend took a photography class, does not mean they can take a decent headshot.

 Finally, make sure you are wearing all your clothes in your headshot. Again, this should be obvious, but… 

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