Making a splash at Sea World Part 2 San Diego Family Vacation Photographer

I love a good flip, don’t you?  These next 5 portraits were captured less than one second apart –
they are all from the same flip!

And I’ll tell you one other thing – this wasn’t during the dolphin show — 
this was in their regular enclosure during some trainer interaction time.
So make sure you take time to visit the lesser known events in the park too!

And I think someone is pretty pleased with himself after that jump!

The trainers give them ice cubes to keep them hydrated….who knew?

This trip to Sea World, we were in search of the unusual — and this octopus fit the bill!

Did you know Sea World has some other animals too?
Like a water monitor, a porcupine and a beaver?

And of course the ole sea gulls are never far away….

Sea World Inside Tips:
Make time for feeding times: Meal time is the best time to meet some bat rays and sea lions who you can even feed by hand at Pacific Point and Manta—but only at designated times throughout the day. Stop by in the morning to check the day’s schedule, then give yourself some extra time to get a great spot right at the water’s edge.

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