Live Edge Wood Table San Diego Photographer

Thought I’d share my recent little project with you — 
hubby made me a Live Edge Dining Room Table!
We wanted to freshen up the 25 year old dining room decor, so we of course contacted amazing and 
award winning designer Dana King (We don’t do anything without her advice!)
Dana suggested a “Live Edge” table and modern chairs….brilliant huh?
…up until then, I didn’t even know what Live Edge Wood was!
**And in case you don’t know –
Live edge or natural edge is a style of furniture where the 
carpenter incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece.
First we visited an amazing little shop in San Diego that only sells 
custom cut live edge wood slabs….Made Lumber
And then we found the perfect piece….that we found out came from a tree 
in Northern California that had been over 60 years old.
Here’s the amazing part – the tree had been cut down and was headed for FIRE WOOD 
(how sad is that?) but luckily Brian from Made Lumber rescued it 
and now it gets to live a long happy life with us!

First step – getting the 200+ pound slab home then HOURS of sanding….
(most of the work was done by my amazing hubby – but I did lend a hand….)
And that was followed up with layers and layers of varnish….

(Don’t worry this was on the bottom side – but how could I resist?)
And then after 6 or 7 weekends of work….TADAAA!
Thanks to my amazing friend and designer Dana for her help and advice 
in all the stages of our new design!
Contact her if you need help!   Next Project Studio
(She’s based in Missouri, but she does email/phone consultations!)

 Live edge furniture often incorporates gnarly wood that could 
not be used in conventional woodworking. 

George Nakashima, winner of the Institute of Architects’ Gold Craftsmanship Medal, is known for leaving the natural edge of the wood as part of the finished piece including in his series for Knoll in 1946. His style is considered an extension of the Arts and Crafts movement and employs craftsmanship that Nakashima said was “not only a creative force, but a moral idea.”  

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