Selfies! My newest toy and a GREAT coupon code~!

Cool product alert!
I HAVE to share my newest toy that just might put me out of business….  🙁
**And a great coupon code for half off:   $19.99 and free shipping 
because I bet you will want one too!
It’s a Selfie Bot – I got it from a friend for my birthday a couple weeks ago.
Here’s a pic of the Selfie Bot from their website:
Essentially it is is a small drone that takes selfies of you and transmits the images to your phone. 
(In fact, it looks a little bit like a robot from the game Portal.)
It hovers near you to take selfies!  COOL!
It’s portable and lightweight, so my pal and I even brought it along on our hike up Iron Mountain.
And the quality is great!  (That’s why I’m afraid it might take me out of business!)  🙁
The demonstration video for the product shows folks in their homes and in some of their favorite moments having a photo taken of them by the robot….
…..this blog has a few of the photos it’s captured for me and here’s one from their website:
(Although why you’d want a selfie in bed is beyond me!)
The drone has a built in flash and be able to stand up well to winds.  
I’m not completely ga ga over selfies on my own…..
But I do love pictures that have the whole family!

(Seems like lots of my past photo albums don’t include me, if you know what I mean!)
Here’s their little commercial so you know what I’m talking about –
and you can see how awesome this little bot is!
(Coupon code for $19.99 purchase with free shipping at the end!)
And here’s your coupon code for $19.99 purchase with free shipping:

Coupon Code:  Happy April Fools Day Hee hee

I’d love to have you comment on this blog to let me know if I got you!
(Please keep facebook comments generic so we can fool more people
 and feel free to share this blog link if you want to share this great product with others.)

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