Balboa Park’s Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding Idea: San Diego Wedding and Engagement Photographer

If you haven’t  yet visited the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park –
I suggest a trip right away while the cherry trees are still in bloom!
Thought I would share a few photos of my recent visit and let you in on a little secret.
When I go to a place like that, I see wedding portraits!
(Strange?  Abnormal? Ghostly?)
Here’s what I mean…
I can’t help but imagine where I would place my couple!
(Wouldn’t a wedding at the Japanese Friendship Garden be beautiful?)

Can you picture a bride sitting gracefully by the koi pond?  I can!

There are so many gorgeous little spots….and secret paths….and amazing landscape….

And don’t get me started on the cherry blossoms….

Now it’s your turn, can you see an adorable couple on this sweet little bridge?

How about here?

Sorry…I’ll try to control my imagine-ings….
This is the Japanese Friendship Garden’s new reception and event venue — amazing!

Sorry…couldn’t resist one more pretend wedding couple……just couldn’t help myself….
Want more information about a visit or wedding at the San Diego Japanese Friendship Garden?

 The Japanese Friendship Garden is well known for its unique setting, stone arrangement, koi pond, exhibition hall and ornamental tree collection. 

As a valued asset to Balboa Park, the Japanese Friendship Garden of San Diego is also an educational resource to the community, providing a variety of seminars, classes and workshops as well as accredited horticultural classes. 

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