Professional Head Shots Office Staff Portraits for Websites and LinkedIn San Diego Commercial and Head Shot Photographer

Professional head shots are key in projecting the proper image to your clients.
This is true for your website, linked in and advertising materials. 
Dr. Pierce asked me to capture individual and group portraits and head shots of her entire staff
for just that reason.
I first sent them my brochure with advice on how to prepare and what to wear.
(Did you know drinking lots of water the day before can help your skin look better 
on portrait day?)

I captured a few different head shots for the Doctor as well as individual and group portraits of the staff for use on their new website.

And who can resist just a little bit of fun at the end?  Not me! 😛

 As a photographer it is my great joy to capture Head Shots and Staff Portraits that 
project the perfect professional image for you and your business!

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So What Does A Professional Headshot Do For You?
A professionally taken headshot… shows people that you care about the details, 
and how you appear to others.  
It doesn’t look cheap, it looks professional, captures me in a positive light, 
and creates a good first impression. 
Your headshot is often the first contact people have with you, especially now we’re all so active on social media (If you’re not, and you’re in business, you need to be!).

If your headshot isn’t professional, it doesn’t help people warm to you, 
it doesn’t inspire confidence in you, it doesn’t help people trust you.
If your business is professional, and has professional standards, 
and your headshot doesn’t then it indicates an incongruence. (Success Matters website)

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