McDonnell Family: San Diego Outdoor and Beach Family Photographer

Laughing, joking, smiling, goofiness, love and fun –
– that’s the perfect way to spend an hour, don’t you think?   
That’s the way I want my clients to remember their portrait session.

Not posed in a stodgy ole studio — FUN!
And if you love climbing trees –I say:  “Let’s climb some trees!”

San Diego is so beautiful – let’s take advantage of America’s Finest City!

Maybe you want to see their super cute video show

And I have to share the sweetest note I received from mom 
after they saw their family portraits:

“Oh good heavens, I LOVE THEM ALL!!  
You can’t imagine how many times I have enjoyed looking through your pictures! 
And each time brings a bigger smile than the time before:) 
Thank you for taking such beautiful pictures and editing them so quickly:)  
I’ll call you tomorrow to chat about what we will be wanting…but first, I need to share them with my family! I’m so excited!!!
Enjoy your evening, and thanks again!

 As a photographer it is my great joy to capture Family Portraits that will be artwork for
your home as well as heirlooms for generations to come.

Please VISIT MY WEBSITE for more information
on Gift Certificates or scheduling your session.

Family is a treasure chest worth more than a mountain of gold.
 Phil Ocliasa 

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