Lion Cubs — fun in the sun! San Diego Photographer

This big guy just became a daddy….
And he apparently wants to tell the world about it:
Video I captured of his ROAR!  Just click – it’s amazing!

The cubs were full of energy and I can’t tell you how entertaining they were to watch….

And their folks were sweet and playful right back at them………..
The average gestation period of a lion is around 110 days, the female giving birth to a litter of one to four cubs in a secluded den.   The cubs themselves are born blind – their eyes do not open until roughly a week after birth. They weigh 2.6–4.6 lb at birth and are almost helpless, beginning to crawl a day or two after birth and walking around three weeks of age.

The lioness moves her cubs to a new den site several times a month, carrying them one by one by the nape of the neck, to prevent scent from building up at a single den site and thus avoiding the attention of predators that may harm the cubs.

Usually, the mother does not integrate herself and her cubs back into the pride until the cubs are six to eight weeks old.  Sometimes this introduction to pride life occurs earlier, however, particularly if other lionesses have given birth at about the same time.

In the wild cubs face many dangers, such as predation by jackals, hyenas, leopards, martial eagles, and snakes. Even buffaloes, should they catch the scent of lion cubs, often stampede toward the thicket or den where they are being kept, doing their best to trample the cubs to death while warding off the lioness. Furthermore, when one or more new males oust the previous male(s) associated with a pride, the conqueror(s) often kill any existing young cubs. All in all, as many as 80% of the cubs will die before the age of two

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