My new office San Diego Family and Wedding Photographer and Wedding Album Designer

Today’s story begins a few months ago when I decided my office 
needed some freshening up.
I spend 10-12 hours a day running my photography business, planning custom portrait sessions,
 retouching portraits, meeting with clients, writing blogs like this one and designing wedding albums — so I really want a beautiful environment to work in.
After trying to figure out what to do for months, I asked my good friend Dana
(who is the amazing designer and owner of  Next Project Studio) for some advice.

She is based in Missouri, so we did this via email….
…and miraculously, it didn’t take her long to figure out exactly what I wanted: 
contemporary and fun.  
And here are two photos of my old office — very nice, but definitely NOT contemporary and fun:

Back to our story — she gave me these sketches and lots of advice and I got started….

She helped me choose a color palette based on the colors of this painting that I 
fell in love with.  (It’s called “Lollipop Field” isn’t that sweet?)
Don’t you just love, love, LOVE the finished space?
From window covering, to seating, to the shelves and amazing and funky chandelier,
Dana helped us make some awesome choices!
Pardon the messy dog bed in the corner — but I must have space for my coworkers!
(This time of year their sleek doggy bed is covered with a heating blanket…
….poodles get cold in the winter!)

My hubby custom built this desk for me — curvy white acrylic –amazing isn’t it?
Dana found the cabinets at Ikea.
(Working with Dana is amazing because she can recommend vendors and stores, or 
you can build it on your own, or do your own shopping — she is flexible and amazing!)

With Dana’s advice, hubby also designed my wall shelves which feature some antique cameras….
on loan from my dad.    Pretty awesome bit of family history, isn’t it?
My new office makes me smile every time I walk in –
so I thought with the new year approaching I would encourage you to look around your own space… 
maybe you need some freshening up too?
(And yes, Dana, my designer, does online consultations if you want some awesome advice)

“Style is an attitude. Everyone has one.  You deserve great design”
Dana King

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