Julie and Johnathan Couple and Boyfriend Girlfriend Photographer San Diego and Penasquitos Nature Preserve

This sweet lil lady goes to my church and I’ve known her and her amazing family
for years….so she knew exactly who to call when she wanted to 
capture some couple:  boyfriend/girlfriend portraits 
before her bo left on deployment.
We met at a beautiful nature preserve to PRESERVE some memories….
(oh my, I am just OH so witty, aren’t I)

And after capturing that moment I decided I needed boots just like hers.
With that little bit of turquoise?  AWESOME!

They will be apart for months and months, so I think these portraits will mean a lot to them.

*And if you happen to be thinking, “this doesn’t look like dry ole Southern California at all….”
I’m here to tell you it IS.
But it is my own personal and oh so secret portrait location…so shhhhhh….don’t tell a soul.

My greatest joy is to be asked to capture a couple’s love story
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And finally, people, can we just spell it like it is…..?

How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?
A.A. Milne

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