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When was the last time you had a professional head shot captured?
And, I beg of you, please don’t tell me you’ve never had a professional head shot [GASP] 
and you are using a random snapshot to be your online first impression.
According to Forbes Magazine,
You Only Have 7 Seconds To Make A Strong First Impression. 
Consider the photos you have now on your Facebook page, website or Linked In …
….what do they say about you?
Do they say you have attention to detail?   Are friendly and professional?

Bright and Snappy?  Trustworthy and smart?
Friendly and in-the-know?

Luckily, you’ve stopped by today so I can rescue you from mediocrity…
or something like that.
Did you know I offer mini head shot portraits in a studio setting
with choice of backdrops, multiple outfits and professional lighting and expert advice on posing?

 I include lots of help so your portraits are AWESOME.
When you schedule, I will send you my brochure with lots of advice on what to wear
 (I suggest you bring a couple of different outfits for variety)
I’ll also give you tips like:
Getting a good night’s sleep and drinking enough water the day before
will help keep your skin hydrated and younger….and who doesn’t want that?

And I’ll make sure you are posed in the most flattering way possible….
posing can take away 10 pounds, minimize trouble areas and make you look years younger
My head shot sessions also include all the fully retouched portraits in your gallery on a disc 
with permission to use in advertising and social media.

And I’m starting a TICKLER list — if you need head shots but want me to contact you in January.

And I promise it will be one single email reminder — no spam!
And lastly, my OWN headshot — captured by my amazing wedding assistant photographer, Wendy:

Headshots are very useful in humanizing a business and building trust. Who do you trust more, a corporation or a person? They often form the first impression a person gets of your company’s key people. Because you only get one shot at a first impression, you’d better make it as good as you can.

They don’t have to be formal – it depends on the audience that you’re trying to appeal to.

For business use, a headshot should give the impression of an intelligent, warm individual that looks trustworthy and approachable. They should look important while remaining likable. They should express vitality. Good eye contact with the viewer is extremely important – you want viewers to be able to connect with them and picture themselves doing business with them.

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