What football game? I’m here to see the band! San Diego High School Senior Photographer

It’s been three years since I’ve been to a high school football game…
so of course I jumped at the chance to watch my nephew’s high school marching band 
play the halftime show.
I arrived early so I could take a few pictures to give the kids…
(And it’s lots more fun to see the behind -the -scenes activity!)

I just ran along next to them as they paraded from the band room to the field….I pretended I 
was with the press and had all the rights in the world to be there….

The band took the field before the game to play the Star Spangled Banner…and did an amazing job.
And this “pretending to be a press photographer” gal couldn’t resist
 a few photos of the cheerleaders…….

And some spectators.  
(This was taken an hour before the game, 
so rest assured my folks were not the only ones in the stand….lol)

The mascots….

And some football players!

Thankfully the gamed moved quickly because frankly,
 What football game?  I’m here to see the band!  And their halftime show was spectacular!

“Marching Band:  One day football will be played at halftime”
“If playing horn were easy, it would be called football”

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