Sweet Treats Food Truck: San Diego Food and Food Truck Photographer

Warning:  This blog will probably cause you to gain 10 pounds!
My friends at the super amazing and yummy

“Sweet Treats Truck” asked me to photograph some of their amazing treats

…from Salted Caramel Chocolate cake to a Fruit Tart and everything in between…
I first met Sweet Treats Truck at the Wedding of Maria and Don
you might remember the bride and groom had an

My personal fav….the most amazing eclair you’ve ever seen or tasted…
and the Chocolate Bombe which put my hubby on Cloud 9!
(And, don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but that’s a great place for a hubby….just sayin’)

To a million other treats!

Which one do you want Tiramasu?  Or Red Velvet?
And they even have a coffee bar and breakfast menu!
(Blueberry cinnamon roll, anyone?)
Or how about a brownie stuffed all happily inside a red velvet cookie?
(Talk about a match made in heaven!)

Restaurants and food trucks need high quality food photography to really showcase their food
and I’m always happy to lend a hand…
giving them a call to make your next event SWEET!
“Sweet Treats is a family owned business that is dedicated to serving the community of San Diego since 2008. We believe that we are to be good stewards of all that God has entrusted to us and strive to apply biblically based principals to our business. We strive to go the extra mile in service, treat others how we would want to be treated, and donate a percentage of our profits back to our community.

The mission of Sweet Treats is to bring smiles to people’s faces, one treat at a time! We do this by creating a unique experience for our customers by delivering the highest  level of customer service in a fun, yet professional, way; and providing a quality product at a fair price. Whether it’s with ice cream or other yummy desserts, our goal is to leave our clients smiling!

Sweet Treats Truck, Inc is a certified Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) by the City of San Diego and is the only Food Truck in San Diego with that”

Quote for the day:  “I want to have a good body, but not as much as I want dessert”

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