Romantic Portraits: The Wedding of Maria and Don San Diego and Failla Villa Private Estate Wedding Photographer

Just a recap — I’m photographing the Wedding of Maria and Don
at the Failla Villa in the hills of San Diego Country Estates.
You can catch up on Chapters 1-3 below:

DON’T MISS their entire Wedding day Love Story:

This blog:  Chapter Four:   Wedding Portraits  Scroll down
Now I’m excited to show you some of their portraits.
We were just finishing family portraits when we felt the ground shaking…..
we turned around and……

YIKES!   Luckily the bridal party was able to outrun him and I had the presence of mind 
to take a few photos of the event.   He just kept on running right down the street…thankfully!

Well, after we all calmed down a bit, our romantic portraits continued with just one more
creature claiming the spotlight….

And just when everyone was hot and ready for a treat….ding ding!
The ice cream truck showed up!!

It was a beautiful and tasty surprise for all the guests!

Don’t miss the 5th and final chapter of their wedding day love story:
Who, being loved, is poor?
Oscar Wilde

My greatest joy is to be asked to capture a couple’s love story from engagement to wedding day.  
I’m based in San Diego, but would love to travel to your wedding!

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